Unwelcome Excitement–Credit Card Theft

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We got our new Wal-Mart card in the mail today. Oops, wait a minute–we didn’t. The envelope was cut open and there was no card inside. Someone stole it.

This landed Patty with 40 minutes on the phone to get the new card canceled before the thief could use it. Why it took so long, we can’t imagine.

Thankfully for us, the thief made a stupid mistake which allowed us to remedy the situation before it really burned us. I’m not going to tell you what the error was, lest some dumb crook out there should read this and correct his error. Professor Moriarty would never have botched a crime like that. But then the jails are full of stupid criminals who didn’t think things through.

Crisis over, time to calm down.

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  1. That’s what is nice about credit cards – if someone steals yours you can challenge the charges that are made and not have to pay it. With debit cards the thief can wipe out your whole checking account.

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