Memory Lane: Frothee

Frothee Creamy Head for Cocktails

My folks used to like to entertain, and they kept a liquor cabinet for that purpose. I had no interest in that. When the opportunity presented itself, I liked to climb up onto the counter and open the cupboard where they kept the Merri-Mints. (Gee, I loved those! Patty still gets them for me for Christmas.) We’re talking seven or eight years old here: I don’t think my parents knew I could get up there.

Next to the Merri-Mints they always had this little bottle of something called Frothee. I wish I could show you the label it had back then, featuring a maniacal bartender mixing a drink that was almost certain to be dangerous. As you can see from the current bottle pictured above, Frothee is “professional cocktail foam,” used for adding an artificial head to any drink. I guess you could use it on a glass of Kool-Aid, although I don’t know how that would taste.

Now for all those years they had that jar of Frothee, I never knew it to move from that one spot in the cupboard and I never saw anyone take it out to use it. For all I know it’s standing there still.

I have never met anyone who used Frothee. Just going by me, they have no business being still in business.

I’ll bet Violet Crepuscular uses it a lot. How about you?


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  1. Ms. Crepuscular undoubtedly has a jar of toothpaste-flavored Frothee. (Or maybe it’s just frothed toothpaste.)

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