‘The Agony of Reading Books by the Wrong Color People’ (2015)

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What’s the most important thing about a book? The content? Uh-uh. Whatever moral lessons it might teach? Nope.

The single most important thing about any book, according to the sages at our glorious looniversities, is the skin color of the author. That consideration renders all others insignificant.


I rather think that if I ever said something like, “Oh, no, I can’t read that book–it’s written by a black person,” most people would think there was something wrong with me. But if you balk at reading anything written by a white person–well, your college is very anxious for you to continue paying tuition, so anything goes.

Educating ourselves right out of business…

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2 responses to “‘The Agony of Reading Books by the Wrong Color People’ (2015)

  • Erlene Talbott

    Reminds me of a “news” headline I saw this morning. A young lady said she was “offended” by a banner that was displayed. I didn’t really read the article, but that is because I do not want to waste time on things that are nauseating. The world is full of trouble, but young people being offended is nonsense.

  • unknowable2

    These people see nothing but skin color. They have a lot in common with George Wallace.

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