Prayer Request: Erlene

Please, everybody, join in prayer for our sister Erlene’s son, Eric, who has fallen ill with what he thinks might be the flu. He and his mother live many miles apart, in different states, and can’t easily help each other.

Father in heaven, in Jesus’ name, please be swift to help Erlene’s son, Eric, and heal him–for we know all healing comes from you. These are hard trials for us: please, Lord, have mercy on Erlene and Eric, and grant him healing. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

13 comments on “Prayer Request: Erlene

  1. Dear Lord, please be a Very Present Help in time of trouble and touch this man and heal him to Your praise and glory. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  2. Thank you all so very much for your prayers. Just got off the phone with Eric, and he is much better now. The back pain is still bad, but otherwise, much better than the past two days.
    Praise God, thank the Lord and prayer is very powerful!!!!

    1. This is good news, Erlene – that flu sometime proves to be deadly. Praying for Eric’s completer recovery. P.S. I always keep you, Patty, and Phoebe in my daily prayers.

    2. Thank you, Whiterabbit. It’s been a rough season, but there’s always joy in the Lord, and the prayers of our brothers and sisters in Christ help us see the joy.

      Everyone here is always in my prayers, too.

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