Cats & Dogs & Toys

There’s more to life than paper bags and cardboard boxes. Look at all these snazzy toys you can buy for your pet. Some of them are skillfully designed to confused a dog or cat. But the pet’s revenge will be… shall we say comprehensive?

3 comments on “Cats & Dogs & Toys

  1. Prayer request, my son, Eric has been very sick for two days, thinks it is flu, throwing up, and back just killing him. Whenever you can, please pray he
    will at least be strong enough to get to the hospital or clinic and get some help. I hate that he is alone over in Wa. with me here in Idaho, neither of us about to make the long drive. Oh, dear Lord have mercy, please.

  2. If a mushroom and a banana walked up to my bed under their own power, I’d be pretty curious, too. 😉 That poor little kitten seemed truly frightened by the toy GI. Some of those animals seemed to do pretty well in dealing with automated toys.

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