Getting There Without Getting Killed

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We almost had a collision, just now, going to pick up our laundry. Some clown ran the red light just as we were making our turn onto Amboy Avenue, and it was a mighty close shave. Patty was driving. Her hands are still shaking.

Our town today is swamped with traffic, people leaning on their horns and getting more and more steamed with every passing minute. I was going to gas up for our trip tomorrow, but all the excitement drove it right out of my head and I didn’t remember it until we got home. I hope the neighborhood gas station is open tomorrow morning.

Please pray for us to get there and back in one piece.

Note: I have chosen not to write about any of the college nincompoops denouncing Thanksgiving and saying we all ought to be mourning the creation of that racist hellhole, the United States of America. They are ungrateful. Being born here, and living here, is a blessing. No two ways about it. Thank God for His blessings on our country, and praise Him for every good thing.

10 comments on “Getting There Without Getting Killed

  1. Yes, it is very hazardous out there. There have been two fatal accidents just in the last day or two around here. I will keep you folks in prayer and
    pray your day is peaceful and enjoyable.

  2. I’ll pray for you guys and, if you would, please pray for traveling up to Delaware to be with my family. The Lord bless you and keep you safe.

  3. Even the tiny berg near my home was filled with traffic today. A trip to the supermarket was a gauntlet to run. This t9me of year, I avoid shopping like a plague.

    1. Me too! I hate shopping any time of year, but between now and Jan is the worst. I’ve been using Shipt to have my groceries delivered to my house every week and I love it!! I’ll do most of my Christmas shopping online too. Keeps the holidays civilized. 🙂

  4. Having any kind of car accident will ruin any day, for sure. When we pulled into the Golden Corral as it rained lightly so we could indulge in their special turkey dinner buffet, the parking lot was packed. A big sedan in front of me starting backing up to grab a parking space and was going to run right into us if I hadn’t honked my horn feverishly. It was a very close call – and what a bummer it would have been. We three thanked the Lord on the spot for protecting us.

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