Cats & Toys: the Reckoning

Oh joy of joys, it’s cats and toys! Calloo, callay, it’s time to play!

Seriously, though, what do you think? Are cats genuinely bamboozled by these toys, or are they just in the spirit of the thing, playing along because it’s fun?

And consider how quickly that one cat caught on to the general idea of a pool table. If only he could hold a cue!

2 comments on “Cats & Toys: the Reckoning

  1. Reminds me of the two Siamese we had. They would go after anything that moved. If nothing else was going on they would go into the bedroom and fight themselves in the mirrored doors of the closet. They would get quite excited, and box their images and growl.

  2. The cat hiding in the beer box and reaching out to the orange three tiered, captured-ball toy was about the ultimate in feline fun. Lots of kids in this video too, which always brings a smile to my face.

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