Masters of Disaster: Cats

I am ecstatic that I’m able to say that my cats NEVER attempt to climb our Christmas tree (which does not go up until the 24th). They do love to nestle under the tree, but that’s okay, it only makes them look like furry Christmas presents. Occasionally they succumb to the urge to bat a low-hanging ornament. But by and large, they’re good girls. They don’t make our tree fall down.

Not so, with the little fuzzy villains in these videos. But given that their humans subject them to the embarrassment of wearing unwanted Santa hats, reindeer antlers, and the like–well, some folks deserve to have their trees pulled down.

13 comments on “Masters of Disaster: Cats

  1. Never had this happen, thank goodness, but I’ve heard from people who have had it happen. Dogs have been guilty also.

  2. Look at it from the cat’s perspective. It’s the tree’s fault.

    Cats and trees have a deal which goes back to time immemorial. When cats encounter a tree, they climb it; that’s what cats do. When trees are climbed by a cat, they remain motionless, that’s what trees do. So now, some unsuspecting cat comes along, does his part and the tree changes it’s behavior by falling over. The cat is the injured party in this transaction because the tree is not holding up its part of the bargain. 🙂

    1. And our response to failures or other embarrassing moments should be the same as a cat’s response: “When in doubt, wash.” 😉

    2. My cat Buster, when caught in an embarrassment, always sought to give the impression that nothing at all had happened. He was very good at it.

  3. I’m worried our new kittens are going to be tree climbers. You know kittens…they can’t help themselves. All those lights, and glinty things that move. And well, it’s a TREE, so that’s a bonus, right? I think we’re going to anchor ours to the wall this year…just in case.

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