‘The “Town Hall Debate”: a Prediction’ (2012)

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Abbot and Costello were not available.

Later this morning, when I get back from the doctor’s (just a checkup, don’t worry), I want to write about the total lack of seriousnessness with which we go about choosing a president.


I used to cover “town hall meetings,” hundreds of ’em. They are about the best argument against democracy that anyone has ever thought of. These are dog and pony shows, with just about everything set up in advance. That’s why New Jersey resorted to an Open Public Meetings Act, years ago; but all that did was move the choreography from the caucus room to the phone lines.

There are times when I can easily suspect Romney of having lost on purpose. But then he demonstrates what a doofus he still is today, and I realize nobody had to pay him to be a lousy candidate. He just had a natural gift for it.

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One response to “‘The “Town Hall Debate”: a Prediction’ (2012)

  • Erlene Talbott

    When one’s most basic beliefs are ungrounded, there is not much wisdom that comes out of them on any subject. Neither R nor O are grounded in truth, so what could one expect from such as these?


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