Science! ‘Too Much Holiday Music’ is Bad for You

I missed this nooze when it came out in 2017 and was repeated in 2018. Gee, I wanted to keep things kind of upbeat this weekend, but–well, oh, boy!

According to a psychologist named Linda Blair (No! not that Linda Blair, from The Exorcist… but I’m just guessing), hearing too much “holiday music,” especially over a store’s sound system while you’re shopping, is just awful for the old coconut. It keeps you “from being able to focus on anything else,” sez the Scientist.

We are not told what it does to you the rest of the year, with non-“holiday music” coming at you over the intercom.

Note she stops short of mentioning Christmas. Like Christmas itself is bad for you. Why aren’t you listening to non-stop rap music, eh?

This deserves an answer, and I’ve got one.

P.S.–Please let us know if you go crazy from listening to too many Christmas hymns.

18 comments on “Science! ‘Too Much Holiday Music’ is Bad for You

  1. This morning, I went to a nearby restaurant for breakfast and some of the background music was some of the most tasteless pseudo wailing I’ve ever heard, forced into my ears as I tried to enjoy a nice omelet. I wonder what profound psychological effects this could have had on me. Some years back, I went into a store and heard vulgar, obscenities in the form of Gansta Rap over the PA. I didn’t stay in that store for very long.

  2. Well, to be honest, at Wal-Mart the Christmas music is bad for you … But no worse than the nonsense they play year round.
    It’s like they purposely pick the worst versions of the lamest ‘Christmas’ songs that they possibly can. We have such gems as ‘I want an alien for Christmas’ and “Last Christmas I gave you my heart/ the very next day you gave it away/ This year to save me from tears/ I’m givin it to someone special.” That’s literally the whole song, repeated around fifteen times. It’s worse music this year than it was last year, and as a bonus the stores radio has been turned up so that you literally can’t escape.

    As you can see , I’m just a little fed up with it.
    I was hoping that we’d at least have a month if semi decent music, but nope.

    1. Well, we try to provide the best Christmas music here, but we have no captive audience for it.

      I will admit that it wouldn’t take my repetitions of “Santa Baby” to send me round the bend.

    2. Not to mention “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” which not only makes me cringe but won’t get out of my head for the rest of the day.

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