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Jackalope Population Explosion!

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This candid photo of a mother jackalope fiercely defending her young was taken by an amateur washing machine repairman in Ongs Hat, New Jersey. He had a narrow escape.

We are getting jackalope reports from all over the country now, a strong indication that the jackalope population has increased dramatically. Scientists believe it’s because of Climate Change and transphobia. What the jackalopes themselves believe is a secret.

They look cute and cuddly, but don’t get too close! A pack of hungry jackalopes can skeletonize a grown man in less than 60 seconds. I have always wanted to use the word “skeletonize” in a sentence, and now I’ve done so.

‘Are Centaurs Really Real?’ (2014)

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This young woman’s choice is ill-advised…

The controversy over the reality of centaurs remains as lively as it’s ever been. I think that’s a true statement.


Note the first appearance of Jeremy Coldsore as a NASA scientist, before Violet Crepuscular promoted him to the lordship of Coldsore Hall.

If anybody really knows about centaurs, he does.

‘So It’s Not Satire’ (2016)

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See? It’s not satire at all.

Just when we were finally ready to accept Science as the ultimate arbiter of, like, everything, along comes Feminist Glaciology.


Apparently glaciers behave differently when studied by women instead of men. But of course there are no “facts.” Facts are hateful.

In liberalism, Science and Lunacy have met and infected each other.

Britain’s Menstruating Males

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Don’t worry, they’re not really menstruating: they just think and say they are. The fact that it’s totally not true is dismissed as irrelevant.

Back in 2015 a poll found 25% of UK men said they had a “period” once a month; and 58% of their female “partners” believed them (https://leeduigon.com/2015/11/19/bizarre-25-of-male-brits-think-they-have-man-periods/). “Coo, love, I can’t do anything with Charlie when it’s his time o’ month…”

How did this happen? I wonder what the numbers would be if they took the poll again today, three years later. “One in five British men believes himself to be pregnant…” On second thought, don’t ask.

Oh, No! No Mars Colony?

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Bill Nye–“the Science Guy,” “science educator,” “science commentator,” and all-around silly ass–says we’ll never be able to colonize Mars (https://www.foxnews.com/science/bill-nye-says-mars-colonies-wont-happen-are-you-guys-high). And that has made a lot of people very mad at him.

It’s a sad thing to see, when an infallible oracle becomes chopped liver. A lot of the people who were salaaming to Nye when he recommended jailing Climbit Change deniers, voicing his hope of everything coming up roses when all the conservatives and Christians die out, and other jaw-flaps too numerous to mention, are now getting on his case for saying any scheme to colonize Mars is bound to fail. No air there, no water, and it’s too freakin’ cold–quibble, quibble! Sheet, man, we’ve seen it in a hundred movies! So don’t go saying it’s impossible!

Thing is, a lot of people consume a lot of science fiction–and wind up forgetting that it’s fiction. So you have belief in a Star Trek-type future, and incredibly wise and advanced Space Brothers who are gonna give us the solutions to all our problems, and Evolution or Artificial Intelligence or Geritol eventually transforming us into super-beings living in a God-free earthly paradise created by the fruitful partnership of Science and a world government–and human colonies on other planets are part of that delicious picture.

And, you see, a Mars colony would be a fresh start for the human race and this time, by jingo, we’ll get everything right because of Science and gender fluidity and no more pesky churches raining on our parade–it’s just bound to turn out perfect!

And Bill Nye had better lay off all that Mars Colony Denial–if he knows what’s good for him.

Creeping Twaddle

Image result for images of mother goddess statuette

This little stone figurine, which would fit in the palm of your hand, is a not uncommon archaeological find throughout southeastern Europe, Turkey, and the Middle East, going way, way back in time.

Archaeology is meant to be a science. When an archaeologist makes a claim, he is supposed to have evidence for it–inscriptions, pictures, whatever.

These figurines have long been thought to represent fertility goddesses. But in this month’s issue of Biblical Archaeology Review (November-December 2018, Vol. 44, No. 6), we have one from Catalhoyuk, a site in central Turkey which is billed as one of the oldest cities in the world, dating back to some 8,000 years ago. It’s more of a town than a city, with houses all jumbled together, no streets, cryptic paintings on some of the walls, and dead people interred within the floors.

We know very little about the people who once lived here. We don’t know what language they spoke, what they called themselves, what sort of gods they worshipped, what other people called them–hardly anything at all, beyond the mere physical remains of the town. It’s really hard to find out much about any vanished culture when they’ve left behind no writing.

But that doesn’t stop some of today’s archaeologists from generating a new “theory” that the figures represent “older women who had achieved a special status within their egalitarian agricultural community–with fatness as a sign of prestige and special respected status due to age.”

Whoa! We do not know any such thing. This is PC-infected archaeologists sweeping along in their search for a lost feminist Golden Age. Which they seem to have their hearts set on discovering, no matter what.

Wishful thinking and political correctness has become part of the scientific method, these days.

For all we know, the people of Catalhoyuk might have lived under a tyrant who told them when to go to bed at night. Maybe what we’re looking at is a lost civilization that really sucked to live in. Why did they bury their dead under the living room floor? We simply don’t know.

Take your “science” with more than just one grain of salt.

‘Runaway Science’ (2013)

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First it was homophobia. Then transphobia. But before any of that, the Settled Science zeroed in on that dreaded mental disorder, drapetomania.


Science to the rescue! In 1851, a leading researcher discovered that it was a mental illness, **drapetomania**, that made slaves try to escape from slavery.

You just wait. Sooner or later, any non-Far Left Crazy thought will be labeled a mental disorder. They’ll have Science on their side.

This Just In!

Image result for images of shrunken brains

Scientists at Fanabla University have discovered “significant decrease in brain volume” in persons who are politically liberal.

“We are most grievously dismayed to discover this,” said Dr. Haffa Baggon, director of the research team, “but this is now the settled science, so there’s nothing that can be done about it.”

As the brain shrinks, he explains, the interior of the cranium fills up with “this disgusting fatty tissue” completely surrounding the brain.

The average adult liberal male, the research team found, “has a brain no bigger than a freakin’ orange,” said a team member who did not wish to be identified. “The all-time small brain champion,” he added, was a Gender Studies professor whose brain was the size of a walnut.

The researchers, according to a reliable source, are currently preparing to flee to another continent.

My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 6 (‘We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Facts’)

Part of the revolt against God is the rejection of the very idea of truth. Our looniversities teach that there is no truth, just “your truth and my truth”–and then watch what happens if you try to dissent from their truth.

Anyway, this mind-set has caused many of us to be rather cavalier about facts.


What’s there to say for a society in which scientists, entertainers, and police all reject the truth?

‘Let’s Make Robots That Evolve!’ (2016)

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It’s staggering to think of the amount of time, money, and brainpower that goes into totally useless twaddle like this.


“So, see, we’re gonna design evolving life, so we can say that life evolves without design! That way there’s no God, and we can all have sex with… well, whatever!”

Is there some way we can only fund scientific studies that aren’t crap?

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