‘Scientists Plan to Grow Neanderthal Brains and Install Them in Robots’ (2018)

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Yeah, I know–you thought this story was a hoax. But as far as I was able to find out, it was really on the drawing board. Although where they went to get Neanderthal brains–well, your guess is as good as mine.

Scientists Plan to Grow Neanderthal Brains and Install Them in Robots

Oh? They’re gonna grow the brains in petri dishes? That’s sure to work out well: you’ll wind up with John Kerry. They can’t stop nimrods with thick foreign accents from phoning you every day and trying to scam you by pretending to be from your credit card company; but they can grow Neanderthal brains in petri dishes. So they can put ’em into robots.

Of course it’s real. You don’t think anyone could see this as a movie screenplay, do you?

Another Step Toward Wiping Us Out

1,483 Virtual Baby Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

Even better than a doll, because it’ll take up no space!

This would be funny if it weren’t so sinister. You could say that about a lot of Satanic schemes.

A UK big-shot “scientist” says we’re gonna solve our “population problem”–what population problem?–“within 50 years” by making real babies obsolete and having “virtual AI [“Artificial Intelligence”] babies” that won’t cost anything to raise because… well, because they aren’t real! (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/06/expert-predicts-fake-ai-tamagotchi-children-will-solve-population-problem-within-50-years/)

“All they that hate me love death,” the Bible says (Proverbs 8: 36). Bullseye.

As it is–first we’ve got to get our babies past the abortionist; and then if we do, the public schools are hot to trot to give them puberty blockers and turn boys into fake girls and girls into fake boys, all of whom will be sterile. And down the road, Far Left Crazy will have assisted suicide waiting for us.

These virtual babies will be “in the metaverse”–that’s not real, either: none of it’s real. They’re already calling them “tamagotchi babies,” after a recent fad for hand-held “tamagotchi pets,” which aren’t real.

They’re marching us down the road to human extinction and they just can’t get there fast enough.

Jesu defend us.

‘Scientific Ninnies’ (2017)

The real-life Indiana Jones uncovering lost cities | CNN

I love reading about archaeological discoveries; but in recent years some of that pleasure has been rubbed away by nincompoops.

Scientific Ninnies

Come on, now! What kind of jidrool believes in socialism and thinks it’s “scientific”? That’s a 19th-century crotchet: that is to say, a perverse or unfounded belief. When socialists finish turning Venezuela into a lost civilization you’ll see what I mean.

So these guys do all the work and brave all the risks of finding this long-lost city in the jungle, and then they piss it away babbling about socialism.

There are reasons why cities and whole civilizations fail and disappear from history. Failure to practice socialism has never been one of them.

‘And They Say We Believe in Silly Things’ (2016)

The Three Stooges: Stone Age Romeos - YouTube

You don’t hear much about this anymore, but some years ago, there was a mini-sensation in the World Of Science about a theory that “Homo erectus” “evolved” a thick skull because the lads were always pounding on each other’s heads with clubs.

And They Say We Believe in Silly Things

They say the Bible’s full of silly stuff–but what could be sillier than this? How many generations of using each other’s heads as kettle-drums would it take to “evolve” thick skulls?

It’s starting to sound like a Three Stooges movie, isn’t it?

Science in Action! (Getting Lab Animals Stoned)

WPLG Local 10 News on Twitter: "Police say nearly 1,200 pounds of pot  missing from a warehouse was eaten by mice. https://t.co/lfF4Ch4bwQ  https://t.co/Xq3aRSWf3z" / Twitter

This is it for nooze today. I just can’t stand any more.

According to a watchdog organization, White Coat Waste, the National Institute of Health has fumfered away $246 million getting lab animals high on cannabis and having them “vape” with e-cigarettes (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4056793/posts). NIH broke the law, says White Coat Waste, by not disclosing these expenditures. The NIH has declined to comment.

What happens when you give rats marijuana? If they’re anything like the human stoners I’ve known, they grow boring and pretentious. If they could talk, they’d say things like, “Dude, like, wow, that is heavy, man–ya know?”

That’s almost a quarter of a billion dollars that American taxpayers worked for. What else are they doing, that we don’t know about? Serving tequila to spiders? How am I supposed to ridiculize stuff like this? It ain’t fair to satirists. (“Yeahbut, yeahbut! It makes ’em spin these crazy webs!”)

And it’s abusive to animals who are surely better than the clowns who are experimenting on them.

Stupidworld! Docs Have to Ask Men, ‘Are You Pregnant?’

Southern Red-Backed Salamander

The content of this post is too disgusting to be illustrated. Here’s a picture of a nice red-backed salamander instead.

It’s getting so stupidity is prized for its own sake.

At a hospital in Liverpool run by the Walton Center NHS Trust, doctors now have to ask male patients, “Are you pregnant?” before giving them a scan or treating them for cancer (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10662257/Hospitals-asking-men-PREGNANT-beginning-cancer-treatment-report-claims.html). Because these procedures might harm a baby in the womb!

Do these accredited medical professionals really, truly believe that a man can be pregnant? And if they don’t believe it, then why are they saying it?

Someone should put up a million-dollar prize for any doctor who can prove he’s seen a pregnant man–and not some trannie who says she’s a man. No one will ever claim that prize.

Be honest now–if you have a serious injury or illness, do you want to be treated by anyone who’s that dishonest or that ignorant, as to ask a man if he’s pregnant? This transgender/gender-fluid wackiness is climbing higher and higher, like gangrene creeping up a patient’s leg.

We live in an age we ought to be ashamed of.

This Heer Reesurch Have Got ‘To’ Do!

Is My Pet Watching TV? — The Pet Lady - Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

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Our Collidges’s Gratest Mineds thay “are” nhow whirking On “It” day and nite!!!!!

Becose Socile Jutstus and Incloosion and Equatty thay “are”” foar annamels tooo “And” Not jist Hyumins!!!!!!

‘NY Times: Teens Not Having Sex Is “Anti-Science”‘ (2018)

Mad scientist Pictures, Mad scientist Stock Photos & Images | Depositphotos®

Noozies are bedazzled to learn that regular people despise them. Well, look what they do to words! Like, now it’s “anti-science” for 15-year-olds NOT to be sexually active.

“Anti-science”? What does that even mean? Do these people have to train to be such idiots?

New York Times: Teens Not Having Sex Is ‘Anti-Science’

I don’t think I know what “science” is anymore. It certainly isn’t the unbiased observation and study of the natural world. It seems to have degenerated into a catch-all term for whatever Far Left Crazy wants it to mean on any given day.

‘Conservative Gene Found’ (2017)

Mr. DNA screenshots, images and pictures - Giant Bomb

Holy moly, it’s Mr. DNA! He knows Gene the gene…

Leftids are always mystified when they discover most people aren’t Far Left Crazy. There must be some sinister reason for it!

They used to say it was Fox News putting the whammy on poor innocent souls who would naturally be “progressives” if they weren’t hypnotized.

But now they have a more Scientific explanation.

Conservative Gene Found!

The good news (for them!) is that someday Science will be able to edit your genes and make you into whatever they want you to be.

They’re already astounded that the people don’t want that.

‘The Science Catechism’ (Newswithviews, 2018)

Mad Scientists: When the Scientist Becomes the Subject - Endocrine News

I’m still finding it hard to concentrate long enough to produce anything like a Newswithviews column. Maybe next week, I pray.

Meanwhile, here’s one from 2018 (Good grief! Was that really five years ago? Where does the time go?)

The science catechism

If you’re gonna study computer models instead of reality, and sit like pirates’ parrots on the shoulders of statist politicians, and swoon with admiration whenever you look in the mirror–

Well, you can at least feel like a scientist.