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Our Pubic Beleaf sistum!

Image result for images of mind with padlock

Thare was a artickle on this hear blogg “a feiw” days aggo, it show yiu jist “how” stopid that dum lee is, he didnt larn not “a” Singal Thing wen he “was” In Collidge al them yeers aggo and aslo he has Forgot evrything he lernt!! He comed rihgjht out “and” addmits he dont know “the” diffrints betwine pryvet beleaf sistum and Our officile and Good Pubic Beleaf Sistum!

Some teecher in some Scool somwear she sayed to some Other teecher I “wil prey for yiu!” Can yiu beleave anyboddy she wuld Say somthing So stopid??? So she got In Trubble like she desarved and thay tole her yiu cant do no Intergreating pryvet beleaf sistim With “our” pubic beleaf sistum and That moreon lee he say he dont evven know Waht Our Pubic Beleaf Sistum it Is!!!

Wel yiu dumby let Me inlihgtin yiu! Hear is ore pubic Beleaf Sistum!

Thare istnt No god so yiu cant say Nothing abote no preying! And evrything in yuor stopid Cristinity it is wrong, wrong, Wrong!! And Sceince it is Reel and It “is”awlyays Rihghjt and Soon it wil “be” Aginst The Law if yiu deenye Climbit Change and say yiu Dont beleave in Evilutoin! And aslo Bortion and Gaye Marridge it Is “aslo” rihghjt and yiu Better Cellarbrate it Or Else!!

So that it Is our Pubic Beleaf Sistum and if yiu dont like It “yiu are” jist a idjit and a Hater and a Biggit! He aslo say he dont know Who thinked up Our Pubic Beleaf, well duhhh! It Is us Interllecturals, We thinked It up and we Are smartter than Ordrinary dum peple, thats Whye we al in Collidge!!

And yiu Better “get whith” The Programb boy or wen Hillery she “is” finly Pressadint yiu goin to Get “a” Jale sentints!! Ha Ha Ha!!!

P.S. my prefesser he “jist tole” me i shuld rite Publick and not Pubic but it dont Reely mater becose its jist “as” troe eether whay!

Bill Nye the Gender Guy

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Nobody does more than Bill Nye “the Science Guy” to foster the notion that science is crap.

When he’s not campaigning for people who don’t believe his Global Warming schtick to be thrown in jail, the former PBS kids’ TV star–ooh! he has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering!–is carrying water, now, for the transgender delusion. On his new Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves the World, this guy with a bachelor’s degree said there ain’t just two genders, male and female, but gender is “more like a kaleidoscope” (http://libertyviral.com/bill-nye-gender-ideology-guy/). Dig it–“the gender kaleidoscope.” Someone is sure to parley that into a federal grant.

By the way…”saves the world” from what? Nye says abortion is good. Maybe he saves the world from babies.

In 1996, on his PBS show, Nye said “gender” was determined by chromosomes. XX chromosome=female. XY chromosome=male. No kaleidoscope. His recent remarks would appear to conflict with his former observations.

The alleged fact-checker, Snopes.com, rushed to defend him from the charge of being against the gender spectrum before he was for it. “His understanding is evolving” [extra credit for saying it “evolves”!]. And, “Nye’s understanding of sex and gender, as well as the world’s, has grown since then.” Now you know why I don’t pay a lot of attention to Snopes.

Nye says, “We have to listen to science. And the science says we’re all on a spectrum.”

“Science says.” It’s just like “Simon says.” We offer a brief translation: “I am the smartest person here, so what I say, goes for everybody. The rest of you, shut up!”

Yup. It’s crap.

Humanist Poison–and the Antidote

Image result for images of computer hooked up to human brain

I have to admit this news story distressed me. Let the headline speak: “New computers could delete thoughts without your knowledge, experts warn.” (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/delete-thoughts-read-your-mind-without-your-knowledge-neurotechnology-new-human-rights-laws-a7701661.html)

Yeah, I know–first you have to find some before you can delete ’em. But for those of us who still have thoughts, we are now warned about “machines that can read our thoughts,” brought to you by the exciting new field of neurotechnology.

This, they say, could lead to “brain hacking” and other “intrusions.” Like, you wake up in the morning and find yourself thinking, “Y’know, it really is time for a world government! And George Soros is just the one to run it! Man, I love Hillary Clinton!”

The horror, the horror…

We might even get computers that allow you to “type just by thinking.” That doesn’t promise much in the way of readability, let alone literary quality.

Anyway, it truly bothers me to contemplate foolish, power-hungry, sinners getting so much power. And you know they’ll pitch it to us the greatest thing since duct tape. Just wait’ll you see the sales job that they do on this. Don’t be the only one on your block who doesn’t have a computer interface!

The Antidote

God’s word is the antidote. He won’t just sit up there and watch the fun.

I found comfort today in Psalm 46. So here it is, King James Version.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea; though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof. Selah.

There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High. God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: God shall help her, and that right early.

The heathen raged, the kingdoms were moved; he uttered his voice, the earth melted. The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah.

Come, behold the works of the Lord, what desolations he hath made in the earth. He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth; he breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder; he burneth the chariot in the fire.

Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah.

God is able to deal with nincompoops who try to rule the world.

Saudi Scientists ‘Admit’… What?

Image result for images of arab mars mission

You bet the headline floating around on Facebook caught my eye: “Saudi Science Panel Admits Women Are Mammals.” Gee, really? But it has turned out to be a hoax ( http://hoax-alert.leadstories.com/707062-panel-of-scientists-in-saudi-arabia-did-not-admit-women-are-mammals.html ).

In fact, what the panel really admitted was “the embarrassing state of Arab science” today. (http://english.alarabiya.net/en/perspective/features/2016/02/09/Embarrassing-state-of-Arab-science-probed-at-Al-Arabiya-English-WGS-panel.html) Well, they’re honest about that, at least: we can’t say as much for some of our own scientists here in the West, where Science is an idol. Our scientists ought to be embarrassed by their continual hopping into bed with politicians to push their Save The Planet from Man-Made Climbit Change hoax.

The panel was part of a World Government Summit–devilment afoot, you can depend upon it–at Dubai.

At the summit, United Arab Emirates scientists revealed their plans to send a mission to Mars by 2020. They can afford to hire top scientists to carry out the project.

In fairness, the problem with Arab scientists is that they flee to Western countries where they don’t have to worry about some mullahs stoning them for being scientists. Read science news, and you’ll encounter Arab names. They just don’t live and work in Arab countries anymore.

Meanwhile, it’s refreshing to hear a panel of experts admit their science sucks. You’ll never hear Richard Dawkins admit he’s a boring dunderhead blinded by his fanatical atheism, any more than you’ll ever hear the Global Warming mob admit they’re shysters. We salute the panelists’ honesty!

Another High-Tech Pipe Dream

Image result for images of human merged with computer

Hey, boys ‘n’ girls! Wouldn’t it be just absolutely great if we could, like, merge ourselves with some computer, and be funnier and sexier and probably immortal, too?

Google’s director of engineering is pushing this: implant computers inside our brains and hook us all up to the cloud for “a complete merging of human and computer intelligence” by the year 2029 ( http://www.christianpost.com/news/google-directors-hope-for-computers-inside-human-brains-is-anti-christ-human-rights-abuse-theologians-explain-177809/ ).

More like a complete merging of human and computer stupidity, you mean.

Setting aside the question of a little coven of mad scientists and even madder politicians using implanted computers to control everybody’s thoughts and actions–the holy grail of left-wing secularism–who in his right mind wants to be as big a jackass as his computer? Have you seen the capers my computer has gotten up to lately?

Mr. Google sounds like he needs to get out more. A lot more.

But I think if we were to consult Our Lord, He would tell us, “Fear them not.” Wait’ll they merge Mr. Google’s brain with a computer and he winds up forgetting everything and compulsively thrusting his head into the toilet bowl. Hmm, seems to be a little glitch in the computer… And if you happen to be doing anything tricky when they decide you need an update, forget about it.

Thanks (I think) to Linda for the news tip.

Settled Science Alert! Woman Gave Birth to Rabbits

How smart are smart people?

In 1726, an English serving-maid named Mary Toft claimed to have given birth to… rabbits. (http://www.skepdic.com/toft.html ) She had the local doctor deliver the rabbits. He was so convinced by what he saw, he summoned King George’s own personal physician, who was also convinced. Just to put the capper on it, the royal astronomer–don’t ask!–was also called in; and he, too, was convinced that Mary had given birth to 17 (count ’em!) bunny rabbits.

Too  bad nobody called in a farmer or a game warden. But they’re not scientists.

According to the settled science of those days, “maternal impressions”–that is, what a pregnant woman sees or hears, thinks or dreams about, during pregnancy would mightily influence the characteristics of her baby. Hear a loud noise, and the baby’s born deaf. Eat too much fatty food, and the baby grows up to be obese. Mary told the doctors she was obsessed with rabbits, thought about ’em and dreamed about ’em all the time. Good enough!

When it was finally discovered that Mary had successfully pulled a hoax, there was a spot of trouble over it and she went to jail for four months.  It is not recorded that any doctors or astronomers were fired for believing her. They were men of science, after all. And science is always right about everything, until next week’s science comes along and proves it wrong.

Sometimes smart people ain’t as smart as they’re cracked up to be.

But anyone who reads the Bible knows that. And anyone who sort of pays attention to reality.

‘We’ll Bring Back the Mammoth!’

Image result for images of marx toy mammoth

The classic Marx toy mammoth

The Original Sin was to disobey God in order, as the Serpent put it, to “be as gods” (Genesis 3:5). That sin is very much with us today.

Scientists have announced a plan to bring back the extinct woolly mammoth by messing about with mammoth DNA and Asian elephant DNA, cutting and pasting and “editing genes” to create a mammoth embryo ( https://www.theguardian.com/science/2017/feb/16/woolly-mammoth-resurrection-scientists ). Then they can re-introduce a population of mammoths to the Siberian tundra to combat global warming! Oh–and as an added benefit, they predict these techniques can soon be refined so as to “reverse aging” in human beings.

As much as I would love to see a woolly mammoth, what I would be seeing here would not actually be a mammoth,  but rather an elephant that’s been tampered with to make it look like a mammoth–a counterfeit.

Does anyone honestly expect this to work out as advertised? Do a lot of us need to see Jurassic Park again?

Somehow reading stuff like this makes me feel like I’m getting stupider, not smarter.

Come, Lord Jesus, come–and save us from the folly of our worldly wisdom.

Just In: ‘The March for Science’

Image result for global warming fraud

Well, hey, if a lot of angry foul-mouthed feminists can do it, Climate Change kooks can do it, too–a big fat march on Washington.

They’re organizing right now to “take a stand for science in politics” ( http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/01/26/first-women-now-scientists-march-washington/97079742/ ). So much for not politicizing science.

But of course what they’re really going to march for is Climate Change/Global Warming, which they like to call “facts with no alternatives,” and all the colossal Big Government action which that would entail. It’s just the same old Save The Planet crap–the biggest and best excuse lefties have ever come up with for their insatiable appetite for more and more power over regular people’s lives. Never mind it’s been repeatedly shown to be just fudged data and outright lies.

It cannot be denied that throughout earth’s history, local and regional climates change all the time. These are natural processes and no government, no matter how much power it grabs with both hands, can control them.

We can expect to see a lot of “marches” by a lot of left-wing losers over at least the next year or two.

Thankfully, we now have a president who has the courage and the common sense to ignore them. And we should, too.

I explane How cats They Got to be Cats

I has been chalenged “by a” Reeder he thinks Cats are like Some Axternel “Force” programbed them to cach bugs “and” Other Pests. Wel budy i sure can straiten Yiu out on that!!!

Dont yiu know Cats got to Be Cats becose of Evilution? evryboddy knows That ascept For stopid christins who hasnt Got no Collidge Edication! if yiu was In Collidge like us Interllecturals yiu wuld kno Evilution it “is” evrything!!!

OK let me explane it To yiu. Frist thare was Rocks and wehn It rainded on the Rocks they come Alive!! and first they was onely Germs and Werms and stuff, and Evilution it turned Them into bugs and Fish and then Evilution turned them Into Dinosores!!! Iff yiu looks at That thare piture up Above yiu wil see the Cat-o-Sorus witch is The ansesster of Cats and thay Has foned the Fostils in lotts of Diffrint Plases.

So yiu seee thare istnt no Axternle Force to Make cats “be” Cats becose thare isnt no god and It “is al” done By Evilution!!! thare sure istnt No god to programb “them” into bein Predditers and cachin Bugs is is al jist Evilution. It is easy to “Rembember”>>rocks-germs-werms-bugs-dinosores-aminals-cave men-Interllucturals and Climbit Sceintits.

PS.-That Photrograph of the Cat-O-Sorus it is 100 Persent Real i seen It on the Intranet!!!!

Global Warming, the Lie That Will Not Die

Image result for reindeer

So now it’s the reindeer. Yup–according to a report by a “global news agency” called AFP, Global Warming’s gonna wipe out all the reindeer ( https://www.yahoo.com/news/reindeer-shrinking-warming-threatens-xmas-icon-000845791.html ).

Now get this. In the same article, they say the poor reindeer are getting smaller and smaller as the Arctic gets warmer and warmer, they are any day now gonna suffer “a catastrophic die-off”–and yet at the same time, reindeer “numbers have increased over the past two decades.”

Neat trick, eh? Starving to death and steadily increasing their numbers at the same time.

And this tragic business is all gonna stop, once we encumber ourselves with a whopping big “carbon tax”? While Kerry and Obama and Gore and the rest of ’em go on living in mansions and zooming all over the world in private jets? Big Government and Big Science are gonna step in and control the natural processes of the earth?

It only takes two words to explain this whole Climate Change business.

Power grab.

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