‘How Stupid Do They Think We Are?’ (2014)

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Would you trust this guy to make a paper airplane?

“Roses are red, violets are blue/ Climate Change means that I dictate to you!”

Yes, they thought they’d convince us with… a poetess.

How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

Come on, all you chowderheads out there! Sign away your liberties! Let us take your money! Like, if you can’t trust Obama and the UN and Kerry and Al Gore–!

And they’re still pushing it, six years later.

Because they think we really are that stupid.

The Messiah of the Climate Cult

Do Catholics Worship Idols? | Jesse Romero

I have this on solidly impeachable authority, so save your breath, don’t even try to say it isn’t true.

Secretly, the world’s globalists and Democrats have formed a clandestine cult for the worship of Mother Gaia, the Earth, and Mother Gaia’s Special Emissary, the Gaia Messiah–the COVID-19 Virus.

The messianic character of the Red Chinese Death & Doomsday Virus is attested to by the cult’s Major Prophets: Al Gore, Greta Thunberg, Bill Nye, and a large centipede named Posty. The Virus will slay everyone who a) denies Climate Change and b) fails to obey Mandates duly issued by globalists and liberals in power. No large gatherings of any kind may be held, with the sole exception of riots. The Virus will spare those who gather together for Social Justice, violence, and looting.

All Democrat governors and mayors are venerated as Saints.

Human sacrifice is practiced on a lavish scale. Saints and Prophets don’t have to sacrifice. They choose the people who do.

To join the cult, an individual must sacrifice every last vestige of personal integrity.

It is rumored to be the fastest-growing cult in the world.

‘Science’ Sez… You’re a Fascist!

Fascist Italy: 44 Harrowing Photos Of Life Under Mussolini

If you’re not a liberal, you must be a fascist!

In 1993, when Otto Scott wrote this article for Chalcedon, liberals were still looking for “scientific” reasons to brand as a Nazi anyone who disagreed with them. And “Science” was only too willing to provide them.


“The Adorno Scale,” invented in the early 1950s, was supposed to be a “scientific” means of measuring just how far gone in fascism are whatever people you don’t like. Nowadays, of course, they don’t bother: “Systemic Racism,” “White Privilege” and all that simply state you’re automatically guilty if you’re white. They don’t need any “science” to condemn you. Even leftism has been dumbed down.

Dr. Adorno toyed with the idea of including “hostility to modern art” among his list of “fascist” traits, but dropped it when he convinced himself that the typical American slob had never seen any modern art. You don’t dig Jackson Pollock? Heil, Hitler!

Twenty-seven years later, “Settled Science” is still making mischief, still trying to rule the world, still trying to turn ordinary people into livestock. We don’t hear much of the Adorno Scale anymore, but you can be sure its legacy lives on at every looniversity in the Western world.


‘Liquid Water Found on Mars… Maybe’ (2015)

Image result for images of martian landscape

Maybe there are nicer places than this on Mars, but we haven’t found them yet.

What they mean is they’ve found suggestions that maybe, on certain rain occasions, and only temporarily, liquid water might be found somewhere on Mars–provided it also contains certain chemicals that would function as a kind of natural antifreeze.

Liquid Water Found on Mars… Maybe

Naturally, anyone would be excited if any life were found on Mars. And if it were, you can bet your last dime there’ll be talking heads all over the airwaves proclaiming that this half an amoeba found on Mars proves (mind you!) that there is no God and so can we please move on to worshiping… them?

Sometimes I really wonder what He sees in us.

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 27 (‘Moral Enhancements–in Your Drinking Water)

I just can’t get over the “ethics” professor’s call for “moral enhancements” to be added to our drinking water.

‘Moral Enhancements’—in Your Drinking Water

And you thought Bob Hope was kidding.

This is where “science” takes us after it’s divorced from God. It’s just another expression of Original Sin. And the university is the rash it’s broken out in.

If you can’t treat the root cause, you might as well treat the symptoms. We can’t cure Original Sin; but we can defund the colleges.


The Hate Crime that Wiped Out a Planet

Pluto, as photographed in space in 2015

You wouldn’t think it was possible for one hate crime to wipe out an entire planet, but that’s what the International Astronomical Union did to Pluto in 2006–stroke of the pen, and you ain’t a planet anymore.

Gee, it was a planet when I went to school, and if you said it wasn’t, you’d get an F. Now suddenly you get an F for saying that it is a planet.

Every single inhabitant of Pluto has been depersonalized by this! And without a word of protest. We protest everything else.

Settled science. Hot dog. If you don’t like what the settled science is today, wait till tomorrow. It’ll be different.

Just ask anyone on Pluto.


‘Do You Want to Live Forever?’ (2017)

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So how about it? Would you like to be cryogenically frozen and then brought back to life 100 years later, minus whatever faculties you lost during the interim?

‘Do You Want to Live FOREVER?’

Yeahbut, yeahbut! They did it with zebra fish, man! How hard could it be to do with humans?

Can anybody tell how this affected the zebra fishes’ ability to read, speak, or think? I mean, my zebra fish just sort of swam around all the time. I don’t think he had much in the way of faculties to lose.

Go to sleep for 100 years… and what sort of a world would you wake up in?

I like the plan for immortality given us by God in Jesus Christ. I like that plan and want to keep it.

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 6 (‘When “Smart” Is Stupid’)

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See? It rained on these rocks and now they’ve got moss growin’ on ’em! It’s a Scientific Fact!

Don’t you just love it when pseudo-intellectuals cook up a new word to wrap around the same old bullschiff? Like, for instance, “abiogenesis.”

When ‘Smart’ is Stupid

Well, damn, “spontaneous generation,” nobody believes that anymore! But they might believe it if we call it something else and let on that it’s a Scientific Fact. You have to believe Scientific Facts!

“Oh, it rain on de rocks an’ de rocks come alive, doo-dah, doo-dah…”

‘What Makes New Yorkers Live Longer?’ (2012)

59,831 Michael Bloomberg Photos and Premium High Res Pictures ...

He makes you live longer!

Oh, boy–pseudo-science! Oh, boy–faulty logic! Puddem togedda and waddaya got? Something worth a little less than bibbity-bobbity-boo.

What Makes New Yorkers Live Longer?

What you got, in 2012, was New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban-everything policy being credited with giving New Yorkers longer life spans. Read this carefully and see how many examples of cockeyed thinking you can find.

Then see if you can think of any reason to believe in “science” anymore.

Desk Jobs Keep You Sharp?

boring desk job - American Grit

Sharp as a tack!

Science sez desk jobs keep you sharp! Great for your cognitive ability!

Or so says a study by the University of Cambridge, studying 8,500 adults for twelve years (http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3864528/posts).

So why do I feel like my brain is leaking out my ears, sitting here at the computer and trying to get stuff posted?

We might also ask, if certain people are this dull with their desk jobs, what would they be like if they weren’t working?

And a note just handed me, “Saving of draft failed…” So we’ll see how this turns out.

If you like futility, I’ve got it to spare! Come and get it.