See? We Told You They’re Crazy

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A “god” of… what?

Ooh-ooh! We can turn off Global Warming!

All we’ve got to do is dim the sun!

Drawing a paycheck from the New York Times gives you a license to babble. So we have the Times’ Ezra Klein–no known expertise in anything–babbling about how we’ve got to “dim the bleeping sun” and face up to the risks of God knows what catastrophe… to stave off Climate Change, blah-blah (

What does he mean, “dim the sun”?

This idea has been floating around for a few years. They want to fill the atmosphere with tiny particles (allegedly harmless calcium carbonate) to reflect sunlight before it can heat the surface of the planet.

All sorts of people are pleading that this not be done–because no one knows what the effects will be. Proponents are talking about screwing around with enormous natural forces, infinitely complicated, that no one fully understands. What could possibly go wrong?

Klein quotes another birdbrain: “We are as gods, and might as well get good at it.” Yowsah. We’ve been pretty shabby gods so far. Gotta improve. And we will, we will! Because these plans are being hatched by “very, very smart people.”

And guess what! Bill Gates is on board with dimming the sun! You know, Bill Gates–the billionaire who says there are too many people in the world and the population has to be cut way back. It seems a wise policy to be against anything Bill Gates is for.

Mr. Klein and his playmates think they’re cut out to be gods.

But they should stick to what they’re really good at–being fools.

‘Are Males Doomed’? (2018)

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Wait’ll you find out how little time we have left. You’ll keel right over.

Are Males Doomed?

Who needs clairvoyants and psychics to peer into the future, when you’ve got scientists? And because most of them get paid with publid money, it’s just exactly the same as getting it all for free!

Damn! Only 46 million years left! And it’s Evolution, so it’s carved in stone, ain’t nothin’ we can do about it.

I wonder if I should bother to do any more laundry.

‘So Noah Had a Cell Phone?’ (2018)

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Who you gonna call?

Just in case you thought only Western scientists get really silly, here’s some stiff competition from Turkey, University of Istanbul, via public television.

So Noah Had a Cell Phone?

Even if you grant that everything the guy said was possible–where’s his evidence? Has he got a display case full of prehistoric cell phones? Any steel left over from 4 or 5,000 B.C.?

But if it’s teaching us nothing else, our current era teaches this: “So who needs evidence?”

‘Scientific Study (LOL) Says Conservatives Are Better-Looking Than Liberals’ (2018)

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One of the nicer-looking members of the DNC

Come on, be fair! Can we conservatives help it if we’re gorgeous?

Scientific Study (LOL) Says Conservatives are Better-Looking then Liberals

Wasn’t there a Twilight Zone episode in which they took a beautiful girl and made her ugly like everybody else, with a creepy kind of plastic surgery? Now that’s diversity! Liberals know that that’s the kind of thing the government should be doing–ironing out those unfair bumps and potholes in life’s lottery, making everybody exactly alike.

Ah, yes, here it is–Eye of the Beholder, 1959 (,_1959).

‘Scientific Ninnies’ (2017)

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Kowabunga! It’s the stairway to socialism!

Betcha didn’t know it’s capitalism that wrecks civilizations! If only they’d had the good sense to practice socialism–like Venezuela or North Korea–they wouldn’t have wound up like this.

Scientific Ninnies

Surely someone must have practiced socialism, somewhere, in history. And because socialism is not capitalism, that ancient socialist civilization should still be in business today–and by far the most properous country in the world.

Honk when you find it.

‘Global Warming Hysteria… Again’ (2013)

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Totally imaginary–but still scary!

Gasp! The horror! If all the oceans in the world, all at the same time, were suddenly to release all the heat stored in them, we’d all be fried! It’s true, I tell you! The International Panel on Climate Change says so! Oh, if only the government had more arbitrary power over us–!

Global Warming Hysteria… Again

The fact that there could be no reason for all the oceans to cough up all their heat didn’t faze any of the Climate Wizards of 2013; and they’re still around today, still trying to control your life. And now that their buddies have stolen a U.S. presidential election, they think they’re in the catbird seat. “Boy, will we sock it to the deplorables now!”

How do you get a job making people afraid of impossible things?

‘Let’s Make Robots That “Evolve”‘ (2016)

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Boy Robot meets Girl Robot–what? what about all those other “genders”?–they make baby robots, and after I dunno how many generations of this, the robots *evolve* into other kinds of robots with no resemblance to the original–

And this teaches us… what?

Let’s Make Robots That ‘Evolve’!

Try to make sense of this. “There is no Intelligent Design!” And then, to prove it, they design robots, design them to “evolve”–and it’s all just a simulation, there’s nothing real involved–and then claim that this proves Evolution by totally random chance and there is no God and no God’s laws so really we can fornicate with a pile of rocks or anything else–[pause for hyperventilating Scientist].

Our culture continues to melt down.

When a Phony ‘Social Scientist’ Hoodwinked the Media

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Here’s a Chalcedon exclusive I wrote back in 2005, reporting a scientific fraud that had The London Times and a lot of other media completely snowed. But they wanted to believe that “religiosity”–by which the author meant Christian belief–is harmful to society.

Trotted out as someone with an advanced degree in “social science,” author Gregory Paul actually had no advanced degree in anything. He was primarily an illustrator of books about dinosaurs. But no one checked, no one questioned; and soon his alleged “findings” were ballyhooed all over America and Britain as “proof” that Christianity is bad.

The Times reporter who covered it was laudably forthright in admitting to the things she didn’t do, which she should have done, in covering the story. I ought to know: I asked her. Ditto the editor of the “scientific journal”–actually, an amateur journal.

The whole mess was served up to us as “science.” And then they wonder why some of us are skeptical about science.

I offer it as a cautionary tale.

‘We Are Not in Control’ (2015)

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Michael Crichton spent his whole career  writing books that warned of succumbing to the delusion that “we are in control.” Many of them were best-sellers; but there’s no evidence that anyone ever believed him.

We Are Not in Control

In Prey, the scientific golden calf is nanotechnology; but really it could be anything. And we have the usual Crichton scenario of cocksure scientists totally losing control and being devoured by their own creation. Shades of Frankenstein. He gives the reader a few memorably creepy scenes, while he’s at it.

Crichton ultimately lost faith in these idols–if he ever had any faith in them in the first place: The Andromeda Strain, his first best-seller, suggests he was always skeptical of that “Ye shall be as gods” sales pitch.

And how the Loving Left reviled him when he died! All because he had too much integrity to hop aboard their Global Warming bandwagon. But that’s the Diversity crowd for you: death to everyone who isn’t them.

‘Party’s Over for Global Warming Mob’ (2016)

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Look at that. It’s been four years since Science discovered–to its dismay, we might add–that “global warming” is caused not by common people’s air conditioners and toilet paper, but by vast natural processes that no one understands and no amount of government can control. In this case, an overall warming of the Pacific Ocean: “El Nino,”

Party’s Over for Global Warming Mob

Well, you weren’t expecting leftids to give up “Climate Change,” did you? It’s the best excuse they’ve ever concocted for grabbing control of other people’s lives. It’s kind of a sickness with them. Like alcoholism.

Oh–and over here it’s twenty-some degrees this morning… Hoo-hah, Global Warming.

What bunk.