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So Noah Had a Cell Phone?

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I wonder if this science is settled.

A professor in the Marine Sciences faculty at Istanbul University recently appeared on Turkish public television and asserted, in a lecture, that Noah and his family “must have had mobile phones” on the Ark–which, by the way, he said was made of steel, not gopher wood, and nuclear-powered (http://www.wnd.com/2018/01/noah-had-a-cell-phone-during-bible-flood-prof-claims/). Just in case you were wondering if only Western scientists are daft.

The prof surmised that the technology of the antediluvian world was quite advanced.

Well, okay, we can reasonably speculate that “civilization” is much older than we thought and it might have been more advanced than we ever thought, too. It has been discovered, for instance, that writing was probably invented one or two thousand years earlier than we believed. But cell phones? Cell phones that still worked during the greatest disaster ever experienced by the human race? I wonder what Noah’s family watched on TV while waiting for the waters of the Flood to subside.

But this is how it starts, when “science” gets all woozy.

And once it gets in bed with politics, as it is in our neck of the woods–watch out.


‘UK Scientists Claim They Can Use Magnets to Erase Belief in God’

Yes, Science is always working for our betterment! And what could be better for us than to be wired up to some kind of machine that will turn us into liberals? Like so–


Have you noticed that some people get really, really mad if you speak disrespectfully of Science, and don’t acknowledge it as The Supreme Authority on Everything?

Baby Jackalope Sighting!!

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You can’t argue with a picture! A person who wishes to remain anonymous spotted this baby jackalope on his back porch yesterday and just managed to snap this candid photo before the critter hopped away. And this in New Jersey, even!

The jackalope, a hybrid of a rabbit and either a deer or a pronghorn antelope, long dismissed as legendary, scientists now know becomes real as a result of Transphobia and Climbit Change. They may look cute, warns Dr. Azog Pongo of the Science Institute, “but they can be deadly. And the only defense against them, ultimately, is for the federal government to collect all money and redistribute it as a guaranteed income, an equal share for all, except scientists and politicians and movie stars and football players, they get more.”

As Man-Made Global Warming continues to blanket most of North America with unseasonably cold weather, look to see more jackalopes on more back porches.

‘New York Has Not Become Daytona Beach’ (2015)

Here in New Jersey, adjacent to New York, we are freezing our keesters off. Oh, I know, the bitter cold is caused by Global Warming, by Climbit Change Denial, and Trans-phobia. And it will all go away if we give the government more power over our lives.


Hi-Tech to the Rescue! No More Loneliness

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In Genesis, God observes that “It is not good for the man to be alone,” so He creates the woman.

Today, this first day of 2018, with Social Media out the wazoo and more communications tools than any people ever had before, we seem to be communicating less than ever–and more and more of us are lonely.

No problem, boys ‘n’ girls! Science has the answer! Well, Science always has the answers.

There’s a new app, whatever an “app” is, called “Replica,” which is “a simple solution to overcoming loneliness” (http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/artificial-intelligence-app-replika-1.4222755). Yessireebob, it’s “an app that promised to provide unwavering companionship,” a “chatbot–” chatbot?–“that is intent–” wrong word: a machine cannot have intentions–“on learning all about you.” That is, it has been programmed to “ask,” not that a machine is really asking anything, certain stereotypical questions of the user and to make certain stereotypical replies.

Well, at least they haven’t programed it to say, “You know something? You disgust me!”

Ah, huzzah, it’s Artificial Intelligence–a lifeless, mindless imitation of human intelligence–come to save us from loneliness! Who needs love? Who needs family? Who needs friendship? Who even needs a blooming hamster? This here machine is all them things and more! And it fits in the palm of your hand!

Never mind it isn’t real.

A goldfish who would trust me enough to take food from my fingers is real–and worth more than all the “apps” in the world.

So you buy this freakin’ gizmo, and one of two outcomes must occur. Either you’re still lonely, and out the money, to boot; or you’ve succumbed to a delusion.

And Science marches on.

Bio Prof Says You Must Be a Biggit If You Think There Are Only Two Sexes

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Biggit chromosomes

No, this is not a Joe Collidge gag. A biology professor at San Jose State–her defense of her inane statements is “I am an expert” (and you ain’t!)–has declared that “chromosomes don’t determine sex” and “high school biology” was wrong for teaching that they do (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=10309).

She erupted in response to a tweet made by a Texas state legislator, who posted pictures of the XX (female) and XY (male) chromosomes “to remind people how many sexes there are.”

He did this, charged the academic gasbag, “for a bigoted purpose.”

She declines to answer her critics because she’s a Big Scientist and they’re not. Anyhow, “‘Gender’ is described as the psychological and/or the emotional identity,” yadda-yadda.

Hey! Is “science” even science anymore? It behaves more like it’s just window-dressing for assorted leftid ideologies.

The prof adds that “intersex and ambiguously sexed individuals” constitute 1% of the population. One out of every hundred people you know. Really? What if you don’t spend all your time on a collidge campus, where such persons are likely to congregate? Is she talking about the real world, or her world?

America has too many colleges, too many professors, and way too many college students “learning” pure crapola from overpaid idiots. De-fund the universities now. Before it’s too late.

‘Fantasy Disguised as Science’ (2011)

It would be astonishing if any prehistoric creature, assuming we could ever get a look at one, turned out to look just like scientists imagined it. Working with bones, trackways, skin impressions, etc., they do their best to reconstruct animals they’ve never seen. Even the most convincing picture of a dinosaur is only a best guess.

Then there are those who go so far beyond guessing, they get flat-out lost…



About that Reblog

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Gee, maybe it got lost on the way down…

Well, WordPress has also fixed my reblogging feature, so now it works again. The test has been successful.

But it was more than just a test. We enjoy a lot of Michael Graeme’s blogs, and I think you will, too. Please do not interpret the reblog as an endorsement of dowsing. I just like to see know-it-all science fundamentalists tearing their hair out when they can’t get people to believe them.

‘Do Christians Believe in Weather Magic?’ (2012)

As long as it’s not in the Bible, you can get people to believe in almost anything.


The Piltdown Man Hoax (2011)

Scientists should probably hear warning bells go off whenever they find exactly what they expect to find. But then if people had those kind of warning bells, the casinos–and our political parties–would soon go out of business.


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