Ducks & Doggies

We know dogs love to play, but do ducks? In a few of these videos, it sure looks it. And we also have clips of ducks grooming dogs. Who knew that could happen? And in some of the other videos it looks like a dog gets the what-for if he annoys a duck.

Is it possible that domestication runs deeper than we thought?

6 comments on “Ducks & Doggies

  1. We never had ducks, but we did have a few geese, and they followed the dog around in single file, everywhere he went. If he tried to get away, they had a squawking fit, and he turned around sat down and waited for them to catch up.

    1. Did those geese imprint on the dog when they were babies? If so, he was stuck with them. I knew a man who’d raised two wild Canadian geese from babies, and they followed him everywhere he went.

  2. I actually do not remember all those details. These were Canadian Honkers, too, and I don’t know if their mother was a hunting casualty or what.

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