Our Pets Love Cardboard Boxes

Cats (big-time!), dogs, bunnies, baby goats–our pets just love those cardboard boxes. Well, all right, your pet fence lizards can live without them. But the fuzzy pets just can’t leave the boxes alone. Come to think of it, little children love getting into boxes, too–at least I did, back when. I guess it’s a mammal thing.

6 comments on “Our Pets Love Cardboard Boxes

  1. Some pretty cute ones there. I guess that boxes provide a sense of security and concealment for animals and young humans. I’ve made my share of improvised forts and the like, but only when I was young.

  2. We have a stray cat that visits our patio for the water dish put out for the birds. Recently fabricated a cardboard box for shelter from the cold. Treats inside it do disappear.

  3. Our cats always love any kind of box, and as a kid, I liked them, the bigger the better, to build houses out of.

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