Our Own Tower of Babble

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Someone has invited me to review a book that “challenges women to live each day with fearless authenticity.”

Oooh, that sounds grand! Can men do it, too?

Only… what the dickens does it mean?

There appears to be something here about you being you. Well, what if “you” are a jerk? An authentic ignoramus? Or a fearless dunderhead? But we can only try to guess what the author means, since she isn’t using plain English and who feels like reading a whole swinkin’ book just to find out what the title means? “Fap!” to that.

But this is awful–politics is seeping into our broader culture and making people as dishonest as their politicians. I mean, this is the kind of babble you expect to hear from some yo-yo running for the Senate and not having anything like a reason for you to elect him. Grandiose babble is meant to paper over his vacancy. “Once in the Senate, I pledge myself to a fearless authenticity in championing inclusion and diversity!” Living proof that nature does not, after all, abhor a vacuum.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Which probably bars the door against your being hailed as an expert. But at least people will understand you.

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  1. Intimidate to the fullness of your rottenness! Don’t just start the argument but finish it, then move onto the next challenger.” This announcement is approved and paid for by the State.

  2. I would say that this is an amazing example of presumptuous. Fearless authenticity? What most of these dunderheads don’t seem to realize is that for almost all of human history people didn’t have time for fearless authenticity due to fact that they were trying to survive. They take for granted the fact that we go to our vehicles and ride in climate controlled comfort to have breakfast in a trendy restaurant then go to work at a job which requires little, if any, physical effort.

    They make a mental note to support an effort to ban semi trucks because they were stuck behind one in traffic this morning, never stopping to think that the truck was on its way to stock their favorite gourmet coffee shop. Of course there’s an upside, because if they ban trucks that weight problem won’t be a problem for much longer.

    If all of this stresses them out, they can go to the crying room at work or maybe just take the day off (with pay) and let someone from the Bombay office deal with their work for the day.

    We live in a world of fools, many of whom have no concept of anything beyond their own little bubble of self indulgence. Fearless authenticity? This coming from a generation that needs Play-Doh and hot chocolate to get through the day and wears comfy pajama bottoms instead of pants. Perhaps they are fearlessly authentic in their self indulgence, coupled with their readiness to render the choices of others invalid. What drivel!

  3. What I want to know is how you’re getting these invites. Do they not know ahead of time that any review you write on this type of book isn’t going to be positive…even if you agree to read it at all?

    1. I think they just go through the Internet writing up an alphabetical list of persons who have published book reviews, and thoughtlessly email them to same. Some weeks, I get one of these every day. I don’t believe they read the reviews: just get the reviewers’ names and email addresses.

    2. There’s a saying that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Just in case it’s true, I usually review these books without naming the title or the author.

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