One Bag, Two Cats

People think it’s so easy to find a serviceable cat video! It’s not. We don’t want situations which some human obviously set up just so he could be on Youtube. When it comes to cat videos, humans should neither be seen nor heard. You don’t see a cat horning in on the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet. Although that might improve it.

Anyway, here are two cats and only one can fit inside the paper bag. Sounds like the plot of a not very successful movie. Probably with Kevin Costner. Enjoy.

6 comments on “One Bag, Two Cats

  1. I am very familiar with this game. When we had the two Siamese, this battle went on every day.

    1. I guess that sometimes they are serious. I recently visited a home where they were trying to introduce another cat and the old tomcat was having none of it. The owner of the tomcat was actually afraid that the cat would attack him in his sleep. I’d never seen a cat so angry.

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