Time Hurtles On

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Yesterday we got a Christmas card from the Rushdoony family, featuring a group photo  of the whole family. And there in the back row was the little boy whose father used to read Bell Mountain to him. Yup, there he was with a beard and mustache, now a man.

Good grief! Has that much time gone by? And where did it go, who has it now? Can I get it back?

I wonder if the boy, now a man, still likes my books. It’s been my experience that the books you liked best as a child, you’ll still like as an adult. Maybe that’s just because I, at ten years old, had impeccable taste in literature.  Or is it that I liked those books because they were just plain good?

I wonder if the boy, now a man, will someday read Bell Mountain to his children.

9 comments on “Time Hurtles On

  1. That’s interesting. I still remember some of my favorites from my childhood days, but haven’t read them to my sons. They were mostly girl books.

  2. Yes, I read every Nancy Drew I could get my hands on. Don’t think my sons would have sat still for them, though. I knew some boys in my class at school who did like them, though.

  3. I’m embarrassed to say what I read. I liked languages, science, mechanical things and spy stories. And yes, Lee, Bell Mountain will last forever.

    1. Betcha would’ve liked the Rick Brant books!
      Thank you for saying that about Bell Mountain.
      Sales will take off a year or two after I do.

    2. “Sales will take off a year or two after I do” – lol. Now that’s a heck of a sales pitch. Thanks for cluing me in on the Rick Brant books – i’ll check them out, even if they’re for a younger audience because at my age, everyone’s a younger audience.

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