A Cat Up a Tree

So I looked out my upstairs window one day, and our cat, Henry, walked past. Holy cow! He was way up high in a tree and tooling around on the branches. Just like the cat in this video, who shinnied up his tree to catch pigeons.

Henry got down on his own; he never met the tree that could defeat him. But in this video, we are left in some doubt as to how the cat gets down again. I expect a man with a ladder figures strongly in that scenario.

5 comments on “A Cat Up a Tree

  1. I’ve seen it both ways: cat climbing up and down and all around, with no problem, then those who get chicken to come back down after the excitement of the chase is over and someone has to climb up and rescue them.

    1. I saw a cocker spaniel climb a tree once. He was chasing a squirrel so fast, he ran right up the trunk. He couldn’t get down.

  2. I once saw a cat on top of a power pole. It was what is known as a lift pole for a secondary circuit, so the wires were insulated. But this cat was about 30’ up there, stuck and stuck good. A kind hearted utility worker came by with an Extend-O stick and drove the cat off the top of the pole. It eventually fell, 30’, unharmed and almost nonchalant about it all. Within seconds one of the other utility workers was holding it and the cat was purring as if falling 30’ was the best thing ever.

  3. LOL. what an experience. I wish we all could take this approach at the times we find ourselves in an experience like “being up a pole.”

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