Teaching Kids to be Afraid

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The boogieman comes out when it snows. Or something.

It snowed here this weekend, just an inch or so, but the next few days were so cold, there was still a little tiny bit of snow around this morning.

And over the intercom, from the school next door, comes this:

“Attention, everybody! This is just a reminder that we at Campbell School don’t play with snow! Stay away from the snow. No throwing snowballs!” There’s hardly enough snow to make a snowball, but you get the idea.

If you wonder why so many of our college students are such lily-livered quaking snowflakes, whom a whispered microaggression might wither–well, it’s because public education gets started on ’em early. Don’t do anything without adult supervision! Except sex, of course: they want the kids getting into sex. But aside from that, anything you could possibly do on your own is bound to be dangerous. So don’t do it! Sit there and wait for instructions!

This is how they wind up putting a whole college campus on lockdown, after some snowflake saw a Catholic priest walk by and mistook him for the Ku Klux Klan (https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/04/06/indiana-university-students-mistake-priest-for-kkk-member/). The “terrified” students thought his rosary was a whip.

Far Left Crazy wants our young people docile, obedient, confused, staggering under a load of historical and irrelevant grievances, and, above all, afraid of damned near everything–and looking to their betters for protection.

And thanks to what we call “education” in this country, they’re getting it.


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