Birthday Greetings: Sue

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Happy birthday, Sue! We know you from Pogo as “Teddy”–but any quokka will tell you that you can never have too many names.

Byron the Quokka here. And we have organized a fantastic celebration of your birthday, here on Rottnest Island. Wait a minute… somebody just yelled at me, “You make it sound like she was born on Rottnest Island!” Well, I’m sure I didn’t mean to.

Anyway, Sue, may you have a glorious birthday with lots of cake and ice cream and whatever else humans eat when they’re feeling festive.

12 comments on “Birthday Greetings: Sue

    1. Good question! So, Lee, when IS Byron’s birthday? Or do quokkas celebrate birthdays every day?

    2. Like hobbits, they give out presents on their birthdays instead of receiving them. This makes it likely that every quokka will get at least one present a week.
      I don’t know Byron’s birthday, he’s been rather cagey about that.

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