Birthday Greetings: Erlene

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Today’s Erlene’s birthday–and I tell you, this place wouldn’t be this place without her.

Byron the Quokka here, with birthday greetings for Erlene on behalf of all of us. Don’t be embarrassed because we love you, Erlene! Think of Cato the Elder saying, “I’d rather people asked why I don’t have a statue in the Forum than why I do.” Now I’m not sure why I said that, but never mind.

I wish we could’ve baked you a cake.

Birthday Greetings: Lydia

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While you poor American dillies try to cope with losing an hour to daylight savings time, here on Rottnest Island we’re getting a party together to wish Lydia a Happy Birthday!

She’s left us for college, but nobody told me to take her name off the birthday list and besides, we don’t forget you, whoever you are.

In fact, I’d like to make the list longer! If you’d like birthday greetings from Byron the Quokka, well, let us know and we’ll add you to the list.

Happy Birthday, Lydia, wherever you are.

Birthday Greetings: Jeremy

Yes, yes, I know we’re late, this should’ve been done on Saturday, when it actually was Jeremy’s  birthday–so we’re two days late. I, Byron the Quokka, disclaim all responsibility for this error: it was entirely Lee’s fault, 100% he’s to blame, not me, etc., etc.

And so we bring you Jeremy and his brother, Joshua, with an instrumental of How Great Thou Art. Let the truth be known: we love these guys, these Swanson brothers.

I made this list, see, with all the birthdays on it–crikey, why didn’t he check the list?

Happy birthday, Jeremy! Keep the music coming.

Birthday Greetings: Joshua

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G’day! On behalf of the whole faculty and student body at Quokka University, I, Byron the Quokka, present Birthday Greetings to our esteemed colleague Joshua!

Y’know, here on Rottnest Island, we all turn out for Joshua’s birthday. It’s too bad no one thought to film the parade we had. That was to celebrate Joshua’s translating Bell Mountain into Japanese! Now a lot of us quokkas are learning Japanese so we can read it! Sure, we’ve already read it in English–but it’s bound to be just as cool in Japanese.

This afternoon we will have a special Pick-up Sticks match in Joshua’s honor.

Public Notice to All Readers: We’d love to celebrate your birthday, too. Just tell us when it is and we’ll put it on the list. This isn’t just a blog: it’s a fellowship, and that means birthdays are important.

Birthday Greetings: Phoebe

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G’day! You’re all knocked out from that party yesterday, I see. Movin’ kinda slow!

Well, rise and shine, mates: because today is Phoebe’s birthday and we want to make a big splash over it!

Byron the Quokka here, to present your birthday greetings to Phoebe–as Willis Twombley would say, We love you, Ol’ Hoss! Actually we really do. Don’t think you can ever come to Rottnest Island and get away without being named to the faculty at Quokka University. And did I mention we already have a Dr. Phoebe Hall? Our pickup stix team practices there.

Make sure you enjoy yourself today!

Birthday Greetings: ‘Thewhiterabbit’

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here, with birthday greetings to our esteemed colleague and friend, Dave–better known as “Thewhiterabbit” for his legendary exploits.

He’s quite a hero, here on Rottnest Island. We celebrate his birthday by not driving cars–crikey, it’s the least we can do.

Happy birthday, Dave, from all of us in and around the blog!

Birthday Greetings to Ina

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Woohoo! We’re whooping it up today, because today is Ina’s birthday–and not only that, but she has a Christmas carol today, too, in our carol contest.

G’day, Byron the Quokka here with birthday greetings to Ina, on behalf of all the rest of us around the world. That’s cool–you can get happy birthday wishes from people (and quokkas) in all these different countries. Where the deer and the canteloupe play, as we say on Rotnest Island.

So happy birthday, Ina, from the whole mob of us!

Two Birthdays! Patty and ‘Weavingword’

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Birthdays are important, and we shouldn’t stop celebrating them just because we aren’t children anymore.

Today it’s my wife, Patty, and our esteemed colleague, Allison, whom most of us know as ‘Weavingword’–these are the birthday girls today. Two on the same day. I wish we had a chorus line of quokkas.

Kindred spirits are a gift of God. Of course we celebrate their birthdays! I only wish we had more of them on the list.

If you’d like your birthday celebrated here, please just let us know.


We’re Doing Birthdays

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I refuse to cover anything our lying worthless nooze media have to say today.

Instead, I want to remind readers that, here on this blog, we do birthdays! As many as we can. And we’ve got two of them to celebrate tomorrow. Two! I’m not going to tell you whose they are because I want you to come in and see for yourselves.

Why do this? Because normal life as lived by normal people has got to go on. We are not COVID Nation. It’s our country and we want it back. And we’ll find a way to get it back, too. But for the time being, we shall live as sane and normal people doing sane and normal things whether the Morlocks like it or not: because we are not their Eloi. We’re nobody’s Eloi, and wait’ll they find out how true that is!

God will provide. Have faith.

Happy Birthday, Watchman!

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Holy Cow, we’re two days late for Watchman’s birthday! Most sincere apologies–it was that confounded election, big distraction: everyone here is mortified. We hate to forget the important things!

Byron the Birthday Quokka, all togged up in a hurry: belated birthday greetings, O Watchman!

*To all readers: If you’d like to see your birthday celebrated here (provided some gavone here remembers to look at the list!), just let us know when it is.

It’s not just a blog–it’s a fellowship.