Happy Birthday, Michele M. Dumas

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Oh, that guy! Sheesh! He forgot a birthday! And after I wrote down the list for him, too.

So we are two days late (!) for Michele M. Dumas’ birthday, which was two days ago and it’s all Lee’s fault we’re late, and this is Byron the Quokka on behalf of all the quokkas on Rottnest Island, sending merriest birthday greetings to Michele!

If you’re wonder what that “15 September” thingy is, don’t bother, it’s just a quokka thing.

Happy birthday to Michele!

Birthday Greetings: Me

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G’day! Right, everybody–put on your party hats and let’s sing “Happy Birthday” to the poor old trout who runs this blog!

No, I won’t tell you how old he is. And I think that if we ask him nicely, he just might tell what Patty offered him for a birthday dinner. I don’t dare take it on myself to tell you; and anyway, I’m supposed to be working for Quokka University today, and we’ll have an announcement on that later.

Anyhow, “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” and all that!

Birthday Greetings: Evelyn

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We know her around here as “Evreilly,” and today’s her birthday! Happy birthday, Ev!

Lee and Ev go way back together as soldiers in the war for America’s soul, fighting the bad guys every step of the way. And never giving in! We quokkas like that, in a human. I’m rounding up quokkas to sing “For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow.”


Birthday Greetings: Erlene

Birthday Greetings: Joshua | Lee Duigon

Happy birthday, Erlene!

If you’ve been wondering where she’s been, the thing is, her computer’s being awkward and she can’t get messages out to us. But Lee puts everything on Facebook after he posts it here, so Erlene’s been following along with us. She’ll be back when she can.

So we wish you, Erlene, a very happy day, lots of cake and tasty, crunchy grass, we pray your son is feeling better by the day, and we’ll all hop up and down when we hear from you again! Or my name’s not Byron the Quokka.


Birthday Greetings: Lydia

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Happy birthday, Lydia! We hear you’re now 18!

Lee asked me to tell you that you’re a star on his blog and everybody here loves you. As if Byron the Quokka needed to be asked! Crikey, he put me in charge of all the birthday stuff. I’m doing it!

Let us know the next time you’re coming to Rottnest Island, and we’ll save a place for you in the Clue game.

Birthday Greetings: Jeremy

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Before we get involved with anything else around here (computer problems this morning: *sigh*), let’s have a big “Happy Birthday!” shout-out to Jeremy, who is 298 years old in quokka years today.

Jeremy and his brother, Joshua, are also known as “J&J” on Youtube, where they have their own music channel. We know them best as regular contributors to this blog.

I don’t know what time it is in Japan, just now; but if you haven’t gone to bed yet, Jeremy, Happy Birthday!

[P.S.–If you’d like birthday greetings here, just tell us what day it is so we can add it to the list.]

Birthday Greetings: Sue

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Happy birthday, Sue! We know you from Pogo as “Teddy”–but any quokka will tell you that you can never have too many names.

Byron the Quokka here. And we have organized a fantastic celebration of your birthday, here on Rottnest Island. Wait a minute… somebody just yelled at me, “You make it sound like she was born on Rottnest Island!” Well, I’m sure I didn’t mean to.

Anyway, Sue, may you have a glorious birthday with lots of cake and ice cream and whatever else humans eat when they’re feeling festive.

Birthday Greetings: Joshua

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Break out the party hats and noisemakers, boys ‘n’ girls! It’s Joshua’s birthday today! He is eleventy-five! Check out his blog, “Spread the Word,” at http://www.joshuamankatoswanson.wordpress.com/ . Tell him Byron the Quokka sent you.

Here on Rottnest Island the quokkas are all whooping it up. We love the readers on this blog! And Joshua is sort of a hero here, for translating Bell Mountain into Japanese. Maybe someday he’ll translate it into Quokka, too.

P.S.–Anyone of you who’d like to get a birthday greeting here, just let us know the date so I can put it on my list. We say it enhances our fellowship.

P.P.S.–Oh, fap! The link we gave you doesn’t work. Try this instead–


Birthday Greetings to Phoebe!

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Break out the party hats, boys ‘n’ girls–today is Phoebe’s birthday!

This is always going to be an easy date for me to remember, because for Patty and me, it’s the anniversary of our first date, on Dec. 26, 1976. The Islanders Polynesian Restaurant.

But first, it’s our time to join in celebrating Phoebe’s birthday and making sure she knows how much she means to us, and to our fellowship.

Happy birthday, Phoebe!

Happy Birthday, Dave!

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(“If I can just get myself out of this laundry bag in time for David’s party!”)

Birthday greetings today to our friend Dave, known to most of us here as TheWhiteRabbit! Byron the Quokka has organized a mighty celebration on Rottnest Island, which is going on even as we speak–in spite of him getting stuck in someone’s laundry bag. He’s managed two birthday messages in a row now without a hitch.

We love to mark your birthdays on this blog; it enhances our fellowship. So if you’d like to be part of the fun, send us a message and let us know when your birthday is. We’ll put it on the list.

There’s another birthday coming up in a few days. We’ve got it covered!