The Astounding Arboreal Dog

Watch this little black dog–how does he do it? Up the tree, down the tree, back and forth along the branches–was he raised by squirrels?

Granted, it doesn’t look like a very hard tree to climb. But that’s like hearing a dog recite “Jack and Jill” and saying, “Well, it’s not the Gettysburg Address, is it?”

8 comments on “The Astounding Arboreal Dog

  1. yeah, this really is astounding. When the dog here in the house heard him bark, she went nuts and ran to the window to see where that bark was coming from.

  2. That’s astounding. I’ve never seen a dog do that before. I have heard of foxes that would walk along the tops of wooden, stockade fencing, but never heard of any canine climbing trees.

  3. Lol! That’s hilarious…and terrifying. If he falls, he’s not exactly built like a cat to take the impact of the landing. Meanwhile my dog (about the same size) jumps up on the kitchen chair then whines for someone to come get him off because he’s afraid to jump down. 🙂 Mind if I share this in the media section of my newsletter today?

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