Crazy Bernie: Nationalize Electricity

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What do you suppose this kook is a “guardian” of?

You’ve seen how well it works in California–state ownership of the production and provision of electricity. One of socialism’s success stories! Not.

Now Bernie Sanders wants to do California on a national scale, with the federal government owning all electricity and deciding who gets to use how much–all to Save The Planet, of course ( If he’s elected president, he says, he’s gonna “declare a Climate Emergency”–you call imaginary things into being by “declaring” them–so that the government can do “whatever it takes” to stop it.

Do you really, truly, want to find out what “whatever it takes” would mean for your own life? If you do, you’re as crazy as he is.

Bongo’s plan–oops! Did I write “Bongo”? I meant “Bernie”–is to cut America off from gas and oil “by 2030 at the latest.” (Didn’t he hear Greta Thunberg saying “now” means “right now”?) This leaves us to wonder how he’s gonna produce the electricity he plans to nationalize.  The whole boondoggle is projected to cost a mere $16 trillion. Which you and I will pay for.

Ask anyone in California how much fun it was to cope with state-imposed power cut-offs throughout this past summer. Y’know that food in your freezer? Kiss it goodbye. What–it’s 95 degrees in your bedroom tonight? Sorry, no air conditioning allowed.

And after having done all this stuff to us, and nothing freakin’ happens, they’ll turn around and smirk at us and say, “See? Nothing happened! Totalitarianism really works!”

13 comments on “Crazy Bernie: Nationalize Electricity

  1. I’m glad I’m old. I do have concern for my next generations coming up, though. If any of this stuff happens, it will be pitiful.

  2. If we dodge a bullet again for the next 4 years, we will still get these crazies doing the things they said they would do, no matter how bizarre they are – because they ARE bizarre. In a global one world government, everything is nationalized, only “nationalized” will mean something else. It’s sovereignty to regionalization to globalization. The game’s been played. The game’s been won. The game is over. We just haven’t left our seats yet.

    1. Remember the Soviet Union. It couldn’t be conquered, but it collapsed under the weight of its evil, foolish public policies. It’s over.

    2. I wasted my life thinking other things were more important than the dirt of political plagues, never believing it could happen here. Myopic, stupid, lazy – whatever. “It’s over.”

    3. The deck is stacked against us. But from a Bible prophecy perspective this is exactly what I expect to see. They will win for a brief time, but it will be bitter sweet and in the end Jesus himself will be their undoing.

  3. Before the Super Bowl Sean Hannity interviewed President Trump, Trump called Bernie Sanders a Communist – because that is what he is and always has been. Wake up Church!! – there are 30 million Christians in America who do not vote.

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