Help Wanted: Boogieman

Watch Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi–all class!–tear up the text of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Speech last night. But her cohorts of flying monkeys hardly behaved any better.  If you voted for any of them in 2018, shame on you.

What are these people (I use the word advisedly) going to do with themselves when Donald Trump is no longer president? Their world has narrowed down to one tiny pinhole in the dark: hatred of Donald Trump. It has become who they are. Attacking him is the only thing they know how to do anymore.

What do they have to offer us? The De Luxe Far Left Crazy Fun Pack: transgender, open borders, high taxes, anti-free speech, anti-religion, abolish the Electoral College so California and New York and Illinois can dictate to the rest of the country, pack the Supreme Court, give Iran money to develop nuclear weapons…

They just can’t believe the American people don’t want what they’re selling. It must be The Russians tampering with our public opinion.

Is the Democrat Party still a political party, or has it metastasized into some kind of cult?

First put them out of business, once and for all; then study them.

15 comments on “Help Wanted: Boogieman

  1. She played her part. She cashed her check. She moved on to her next act. Congress stole the midterms – period. I have a plethora of proof that i’ve been sharing. So, no matter how much we cry over spilled milk, the milk is still on the floor, and the traitors are still in the worst Congress in US history.

    1. We can only pray that they get crushed in this year’s election–pray for it, and work for it with whatever resources we have.

    2. Advice to the wise. I pray more for a new Congress than I pray for anything else these days. Somehow, I don’t think God’s finished with Trump yet and I “feel” he will win. But even then, we will still have only 4 more years until the SHTF. You say “resource”, I say “recourse” – lol

  2. I can’t tell you how much this incensed me last night. I’ve never seen such an egregious act of disrespect by a member of Congress towards a sitting president before. It was truly appalling. She deserves to lose the House this November, along with the rest of the Democrats who hissed and booed.

  3. Pelosi didn’t even stand up for the Military man who surprised his wife and two small children while true patriots in the House had tears in their eyes. That woman is evil, there is no way of getting around it.

  4. I was watching live and this was truly shocking and appalling. The democrats on the whole behaved so digracefully, it was like watching a room full of spoiled kids having a group temper tantrum. No respect for the office, for the guests that were at the SOTU, or for the American people watching at home. Pelosi’s antics were truly embarrasing and I hope she faces some consequences. And by the way, that was the best SOTU address I’ve seen. Trump did a masterful job. The dems fiasco in Iowa, their defeat on impeachment, and their childish behavior, just made Trump look even better. They really screwed up, and I hope voters still remember all of this come November.

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