School’s Flag Ban Fails

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“Against the rules”? Really?

An “administrator” at Franklin County High School in Virginia this week told students they couldn’t fly the American flag from their pickup truck because the flag is “potentially offensive and disruptive” (

“Offensive” to whom? A bunch of citizen-of-the-world wannabes posing as “educators”? Who else in America is offended by the American flag?

So the next day the students staged a whole “caravan” of pickups flying the American flag–and the school backed down. You know: like they always do, whenever the public shows a little backbone. That night the school principal called the student to apologize for “a big misunderstanding.” Oh, so that’s what it was? Not just another case of commie creeps running a public school against the best interests of the public?

The only thing “public” about public education is that the undefended public has to pay for it. We pay, we pay, and then we pay some more. But we have no say in who gets to teach at these schools that we pay for, or what gets taught. All we do is pay.

One of the all-time sucker deals.

7 comments on “School’s Flag Ban Fails

  1. It is great, GREAT, when people refuse to back down to the ridiculous
    rules of the oppressors, and stand up for what is right. See! If we fight back, we can win.

  2. Something like fifty years ago the local schools had Parent Teachers Associations that actually discussed curriculum and such. Now the local PTA discusses how parents will raise money to fund all the stuff that the school wants, but hasn’t budgeted. Really gone down hill. . .

    1. In the public high school where I subbed, I was the only one in the room who stood for the Pledge. The students were like a penguin rookery. You couldn’t hear yourself think.

      I can’t imagine that happening when I was a high school student.

    1. I’ll tell you. Northern VA is overrun with Far Left swampies who work in DC, Bloomberg has poured some tens of millions of dollars into the VA Democrat machine, and they’ve taken over the state.

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