‘Terrible TV and Public Policy’ (2014)

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This one makes everybody’s list of “Worst TV Shows Ever”

With so much experience, so much expertise, and so much research devoted to it, how do TV studios still manage to create shows that are total abject failures?

Terrible TV… and Public Policy

Honestly, how can that happen? It costs an awful lot of money to produce a TV show–and you still wind up with Mrs. Columbo?

If it’s this easy to create truly dreadful television, how hard can it be to create truly dreadful public policy?

Think about it!

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  1. You make a great point. Some real garbage has hit the TV screen over the years and even the worst flops are watched by someone, or they wouldn’t last for more than one or two episodes. What amazes me even more is some of the garbage that gains a large audience. I can’t imagine why Zombie shows would do so well, but they’ve attracted large audiences. Frankly, I can’t watch any of it.

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