UK’s National Health: If Your Mind’s Not Right, You Get No Care

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Paging Dr. Lecter, Dr. Lecter to Ward 6…

I wasn’t going to write anything more today, I really need to read The Wind from Heaven and patch up any errors in it–but this I have to write about.

The UK’s National Health System–socialized medicine, idolized by America’s Democrats–has new rules now that allow hospital staff to withhold medical care from patients who are “racist, sexist, or homophobic” (, Sky News has reported.

Supposedly this applies a) only to “non-emergency care” and b) to patients who assault, or threaten to assault, hospital staff. But they give away the game when they reveal that patients’ “remarks” are to be equated with “violence.” So again we have leftids redefining “violence” to cover anything said that they, the leftids, might find objectionable.

So here’s the problem. They–government employees–get to decide which “remarks” are dangerous. They also get to decide what would be “non-emergency” and what wouldn’t.

Is it hard to imagine that some patient, who carelessly lets it slip that he, say, voted for Brexit, who comes into the hospital writhing in pain from a broken leg, will be neglected because Hard Left staff decide a broken leg is “non-emergency” and anyway he deserves it, no-good racist that he is? That’s, like, never gonna happen?

This is why the powers of government must be strictly limited, and government kept O-U-T of matters, like health care, that don’t concern them. But of course when you have socialism, everything concerns the government. That would include medical care, who gets it and who doesn’t, as well as a patient’s personal beliefs.

As sure as night follows day, this sort of thing will happen here if Democrats succeed in importing an NHS-type health care regime to America. These are people who really do believe you ought to suffer if your mind’s not right.

Heaven help us if we fail to crush them in November.

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