They Treat Us Like Toddlers

Photos of grown men acting like babies in 90s England | Dazed

So who wants to grow up?

This is how socialized medicine works: once the government grabs, or is given, responsibility for your health, they can tell you what you can eat and what you can’t. Compulsory calisthenics is just around the corner.

As part of his “pledge” to “reduce levels of excess weight,” UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson–they call him a Conservative, LOL–has announced a government jihad against obesity, which will begin in April of 2022 with a ban on supermarkets selling “unhealthy food and drinks” at checkouts (, where impulse buying is perceived as a threat to public health.

England classifies 63% of adults as “overweight.” Suddenly that’s become the government’s business.

Magna Carta–hot dog. Can we still say that if they abolish hot dogs?

The world’s liberals, the globalists, will be satisfied with nothing less than total control over other people’s lives. That’s what makes them tick.

Donald Trump was in the way, so they stole the election. Had to take him out.

What is the point of adulthood, if it’s going to be no different than childhood? Mommy and Daddy used to tell you what to eat. Now the government will.

The only freedoms they mean for us to keep are “rights” to fornicate, kill unwanted babies, and take drugs.

What’s Wrong with Britain?

Fahrenheit 451 (1966) | Alex on Film

She forgot to clap

The following is just about the creepiest news story that I ever heard. It’s hard to believe, but true.

Someone–we are not told whom–started this custom in Britain: at 8:00 every Tuesday night, everybody–and they do mean everybody–is supposed to come outside and “clap for the carers.” National Health Service workers fighting off the epidemic, and all that.

Recently a woman, tending her sick child, was unable to get out the door to join the neighborhood clap. (Yes, I know it sounds icky.) Her neighbors promptly “named and shamed” her on Facebook (, going so far as to say that since she didn’t come out and join the–ritual? can we call it a ritual?–she and her family “don’t deserve” health care if any of them catch the Chinese Wuhan Communist Death Virus From China. That’ll learn her, they said on Facebook, “for showing the street up.”

Hello! Hello? Did we just blunder into The Hunger Games? Or into one of Ray Bradbury’s cautionary tales? I mean, whoa! This is conformity with a vengeance! You’d almost think you were in North Korea.

Maybe the woman was lucky they didn’t bash her door in and drag her outside.

Magna Carta. A country that cherishes eccentrics. P.G. Wodehouse. Rumpole of the Bailey. Alice in Wonderland. None of that great stuff seems to fit in Britain anymore. Suddenly That Hideous Strength, by C.S. Lewis, doesn’t seem far out at all.

We have noticed in recent years that even the most tepid criticism of the National Health ignites a wildfire of near-hysterical wrath. It’s not really that great, you know. Just socialized medicine. There’s a reason why they sell do-it-yourself tooth-pulling kits over there (

But fail to turn out for the weekly cheering fest, and see what happens to you. Go ahead, I dare you: say “The National Health could use some improvement.” Walk into any British pub and say that.

This, by the way, is one of the chief reasons why our country’s founders were so against trying to create a democracy. In a democracy, the majority devours the minority. That’s why they created a republic instead.

Some of you reading this must be in Britain. Please tell us–what’s up with Britain? Is your country going full-throttle Fahrenheit 451? Are they going to start eating people who won’t clap for the National Health? Has Political Correctness gobbled up all your liberties? I only ask that because I’m an American and we might be next.

God help us.

UK’s National Health: If Your Mind’s Not Right, You Get No Care

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Paging Dr. Lecter, Dr. Lecter to Ward 6…

I wasn’t going to write anything more today, I really need to read The Wind from Heaven and patch up any errors in it–but this I have to write about.

The UK’s National Health System–socialized medicine, idolized by America’s Democrats–has new rules now that allow hospital staff to withhold medical care from patients who are “racist, sexist, or homophobic” (, Sky News has reported.

Supposedly this applies a) only to “non-emergency care” and b) to patients who assault, or threaten to assault, hospital staff. But they give away the game when they reveal that patients’ “remarks” are to be equated with “violence.” So again we have leftids redefining “violence” to cover anything said that they, the leftids, might find objectionable.

So here’s the problem. They–government employees–get to decide which “remarks” are dangerous. They also get to decide what would be “non-emergency” and what wouldn’t.

Is it hard to imagine that some patient, who carelessly lets it slip that he, say, voted for Brexit, who comes into the hospital writhing in pain from a broken leg, will be neglected because Hard Left staff decide a broken leg is “non-emergency” and anyway he deserves it, no-good racist that he is? That’s, like, never gonna happen?

This is why the powers of government must be strictly limited, and government kept O-U-T of matters, like health care, that don’t concern them. But of course when you have socialism, everything concerns the government. That would include medical care, who gets it and who doesn’t, as well as a patient’s personal beliefs.

As sure as night follows day, this sort of thing will happen here if Democrats succeed in importing an NHS-type health care regime to America. These are people who really do believe you ought to suffer if your mind’s not right.

Heaven help us if we fail to crush them in November.

The Nanny State’s ‘Common Sense’

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I heard someone on the radio today defending New York ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s various bans–large sodas, too much salt, smoking, etc.–as “common sense.”

“For all practical purposes,” the speaker argued, “we  have socialized medicine in New York City. If you get sick, we have to treat you. But why should we have to pay all that money treating medical problems that people have brought on themselves by doing things that aren’t good for their health? It’s really just common sense to ban those things.” (I am simplifying here, but that’s the argument: I’ve heard it before, and so have you.)

It seems to be common sense; but the question that must arise is, “Well, then, where do you stop?”

How intrusive do you want the government to be? If it’s going to ban unhealthy actions–eating too much fast food, drinking too much soda, what have you–why not mandate healthful behavior? Wouldn’t that save a lot of money? Go to bed at such-and-such a time. Get up in time to do your mandatory calisthenics. If you have to go anywhere, walk or ride your bike. And we’ll check to make sure you do those things. We’ll hire a whole army of busybodies to keep tabs on you.

I think the term for that kind of life is “dystopia.” Or “perpetual childhood.” If that’s common sense, they can keep it.


‘Trans’ Folly Puts Lives at Risk

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If he says he’s Napoleon, does that make him Napoleon?

Is there any way to save our mother country, Britain? Or are they too far gone?

A booklet put out by Public Health England urges men who say they’re women–“trans women”–to get cervical smear tests for cancer even though these mentally ill men don’t have a cervix (

This is a waste of limited medical resources. While doctors are checking for cervical cancer in wackos who don’t have a cervix, the booklet goes on to say that women who say they’re men–who do have a cervix, unless they’ve mislaid it–should not be offered breast screenings and cervical cancer checks in case it offends them.

For the record, and because we have an obligation to speak the truth, there is no such thing as a “trans person.” There are only mentally ill persons who say they’re something they’re not.

But now in Merrie England, where the National Health just might be running short of money, they’re going to fritter away doctors’ time and expertise, and time and space in medical facilities, checking men for cervical cancer just because these profoundly disturbed men insist they’re women–

And someone’s going to die because no doctor was available to give him or her a medical procedure when he or she needed it, because the doctor was busy checking a man for cervical cancer.

This is about as good an argument as I have ever heard for keeping government out of health care. Way, way out. Because “trans” is politics, not medical science. Because “trans” is a delusion, not the truth.

It has to stop. And we had better stop it before God does.