If They Gave a Nobel Prize for Climate Change Hypocrisy…

Two things us deplorables aren’t supposed to have are SUVs and air conditioners, gotta be taken away from us to Save The Planet, don’t you know.

But check out this towering example of Climbit Change hypocrisy perpetrated by Michael Bloomberg in 2012, while he was mayor of New York. Bear in mind that today, as a Democrat presidential candidate, Bloomberg is a Climate Crusader.

When set up, Mayor Bloomberg will never have to worry about exiting a cool City Hall into a warm SUV again

What’s that??? Uh, it’s a black SUV with a wall unit room air conditioner attached to one of its windows. The SUV and the air conditioner both belonged to Mayor Bloomberg, well-known for his intense dislike of heat ( https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2165728/Environmental-Warrior-Mayor-Bloomberg-cools-SUV-wall-unit-AC.html).

This caper didn’t get a lot of attention in 2012, but now that Bloomberg has spent literally hundreds of millions of dollars trying to land the Democrat presidential nomination, and passing himself off as planet-saving climate warrior, photos (like the one above) and videos have resurfaced. Along with a lot of peeyabbah about how actually this pumped out less carbon than just running the AC that came with the car. It seems the one in the car just wasn’t good enough for Mayor Mike.

Two hypocrisies for the price of one! Why wasn’t he just peddling a bicycle down the street, and fanning himself with a recycled piece of paper?

How many times do we have to say this? Every last one of those elite Climate Change alarmists behaves as if he doesn’t believe a single word of the schiff he’s selling us. The whole thing’s just a power grab, with visions of a global government, owned and operated by themselves at our expense, dancing through their heads.



5 comments on “If They Gave a Nobel Prize for Climate Change Hypocrisy…

  1. Yeah, they give me such a pain. Living in 20 room mansions, driving several cars, taking numerous trips on planes, yachts, etc. but declaring that we must cut out all these luxuries…Really? Why don’t they demonstrate how this is done by going first.

  2. Why isn’t anyone arguing for global warming? As the Arctic opens up there are riches galore in resources to be had. Russia, China, Canada, and America are already competing for them. More people die in extreme cold than in extreme heat. Warmer climates make for longer growing seasons. All this Climate Change rhetoric is nothing more than paranoid politics. God is in control of the climate, not man.

  3. Amen. He certainly is in full control. No matter what man thinks or does, He will do it HIS way.

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