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New Yorkers Living Longer? (2012)

I always found former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to be the scariest liberal in America, because he knew how to get things done. That’s what made him scary. Happily, his fellow liberals held his ability against him and never supported his aspirations for a higher office.

Here he is getting credit for something that he didn’t do.


Bloomberg to Run–That Bloomberg?

New Hampshire Primary, Feb. 9, 2016: With Hillary Clinton getting body-slammed all over the primary mat by joke candidate Bernie Sanders, libs ‘n’ progs are starting to look around for a Plan B.

Should they take Joe Biden out of mothballs, and hope against hope that he can keep his mouth shut so no more gaffes fall out? Is Bill Ayers available?

Meanwhile, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is said to be contemplating, seriously, entering the race as a third-party candidate ( http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/b6d1fc34-ce9f-11e5-831d-09f7778e7377.html#axzz3zhAxxN9w ). Since leaving office, the former mayor has been throwing his money all around the country, trying to disable the Second Amendment and launching his “Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures” to make sure everybody does his bit to combat imaginary Global Warming.

Bloomberg is best known for forbidding New Yorkers to order a large soda, banning smoking from just about everywhere, and trying to control citizens’ intake of salt and caffeine. Despite these follies, he was a reasonably efficient mayor–compared to what they’ve got now, he was Solon the Wise–although the wheels kind of fell off late in his third term.

The interesting thing about Michael Bloomberg is his political philosophy, centered on using punitive taxation as a form of mass behavior modification. He is determined to tell you what to do, and tax your pants off if you won’t. It is said he used to keep a gorgeous crown in his bedroom closet and take it out and stand in front of the mirror, wearing it.

Bloomberg would scare me if I didn’t know that most of the country would find him about as appealing as a severed artery.

So I kind of hope he runs, just to siphon off votes from whoever the Democrats wind up nominating. I hear there’s some interest in Rosie O’Donnell.

New York Values?

New Yorkers are always startled and amazed to discover that the rest of the country doesn’t seem to like them very much.

They’re in an uproar because Ted Cruz said Donald Trump had “New York values,” alien to the people of the other 49 states. Well, I dunno–how much worse can they be than California values?

Let us stipulate that it was a stupid thing to say–but what did Senator Cruz mean by it? He’s not a stupid man, so he must have meant something. He also doesn’t have all that much experience in politics–but what did he mean? What are New York values?

I live in New Jersey, so I have to be kind of careful about casting stones.

Meaning no disrespect to the people of New York City–I presume Cruz was focused on the city, not the state–would it be unfair to say that New York values liberal politics, a parade for every identity voting group, obtrusive artsy-fartsyness, and an unshakeable conviction that their city is the real capitol of America and everybody else is merely peasants? It is, after all, the city that gives us Al Sharpton, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Wilhelm Jr. dba Mayor Bill DeBlasio (a Sandinista wannabe–how ridiculous is that?), and, saints preserve us, The New York Times. That’s a lot to have to answer for.

But what are Massachusetts values? Don’t ask! Seattle values? How about Chicago values?

The values that matter come from God’s word, and may be found in any city. Even in San Francisco. You can find Biblical “values”–y’know, I really don’t much care for that word–in New York, but you can’t find New York values in the Bible.


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