Now It’s OK to Threaten Supreme Court Justices

When he’s not shooing invisible people out of his chair, Democrat Senator Chuck “Mr. Paranormal” Schumer likes to threaten Supreme Court justices–by name (

This is simply not done, but Schumer did it. Singling out justices Gorsuch and Kavanagh, the Senate Minority Leader said, “You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price.” He was talking about an abortion case currently under consideration–sort of like he was trying to scare the justices into voting his way, or else. His way, of course, is “no restrictions on abortion, none at all, ever!” Baby-killer. “You won’t know what hit you,” he said.

Gee, what if some nut out there gets agitated by Schumer’s performance and tries to carry out the program?

Prediction (and you can take it to the bank): Absolutely nothing will happen to Schumer, by way of consequences, in spite of the fact that he has publicly threatened two Supreme Court justices by name. That’s because the “D” after his name renders him immune from laws.

It may not even be possible, any more, for a Democrat to incur adverse consequences for anything. No eviction from office. No jail time. No public shaming. No fine or loss of privileges. No nothing. Democrats can do anything they want and not get punished for it. Don’t believe me? Ask Attorney General Barr how many of them he’s put away lately. (Hint: Not one. Not even one.)

But hey! Wouldn’t that be nice, if Supreme Court justices had to consider their own personal safety as a factor in any ruling they might make?

There’s been a bit of a kerfluffle over this, but it will pass; and the upshot will be, of course… nothing. Schumer has muttered a lame and insincere apology, claiming, “It wasn’t a threat.” Nope, not a threat. More like an endearment, really.

What do you suppose would happen if you said, publicly, in front of a crowd of wild liberals, what Schumer said?

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  1. I happened to be in the room last evening, and heard this outrageous thing. Didn’t really surprise me one bit, but it did heap the disgust higher.

  2. Schumer is reaping the whirlwind with his stand for extreme abortion. His eternal future is very dim unless he repents.

  3. Schumer got his script and a big check from his puppetmasters. He’s just doing his job. And he won’t stop until the money runs out. AG Barr is afraid for his life, and his family. Remember, he doesn’t have the support of everyone else at the DOJ, or the CIA, or the FBI. The man walks alone, at night, over the ghosts of bodies past.

    1. I know you’re right, but doesn’t the DOJ depend on funding from Congress? I really don’t know how the funding issue works – whether there’s a guarantee or it’s up to the whims of a corrupt House.

    2. Thank you. Now i’m still worried – what’s our guy in the WH waiting for? I hope he gets new advisers for his second term. PS: Congress does whatever it wants. It’s like our Constitution put these murderers behind bars but without the Executive branch there are no locks on the cell gates and without the judicial branch there are no guards around to stop them.

    3. We had a genuine coup attempt against our duly elected president, and that’s how republics get destroyed. Those responsible must be punished severely–and **seen** to be punished. Otherwise it will happen again, and again, until our republic fails as the Romans’ did.

      I’m getting very antsy about what I see as DOJ being inexcusably la-dee-dah about addressing this. NOT ONE of those plotters has been indicted, not one tried, not one sent to prison.

      The president can’t personally do those things. The law requires him to leave them to the DOJ. I thought Mr. Barr was one of the good guys, a new broom to sweep clean–but then I thought Jeff Sessions was going to be good, too, and you saw how he turned out. Maybe I need new glasses.

      But one thing I do see clearly: it’s playing with a very hot fire indeed, to allow plotters and schemers to get away with trying to take out a president.

    4. I get more from your take on events than I get from other writer’s articles. Perfect. Thank you. PS: I”d rather have my old glasses. Things looked better back then.

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