Can This Blog Scale the Heights?

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How do you tell if your blog is successful? I have no idea, really. See “Our Mission Statement” to see what we’re trying to do here–Christian fellowship, among other purposes.

But how do I tell if I’m doing it? Again, I don’t know. I think it ought to be something to do with numbers. For instance, here are some numbers we’ve never achieved here.

One thousand views in a day. Closest I came was 800-and-something, once. Just once.

Twelve thousand views in a month. Made it over 11,000 a few times, but never up to 12,000.

A post getting 50 to 100 views in one day. I’ve come to think of 20 views in a day as a successful post. I wonder what it’d take to get 50. Coupons, maybe?

And then there’s the “Be careful what you wish for!” caveat. I want to provide a nice resource for people. I want to sell more books–I mean, every author wants to see his books read. Not much point writing ’em, if no one reads ’em. But I think I’d rather not become Famous. That just paints a target on your back. I don’t want to turn into a talking head (like that awful thing in That Hideous Strength). I don’t want to start sounding Important. You can’t be Important and still write Violet Crepuscular.

I am willing to teach a course in literature at Quokka U., if they decide to have a course in literature. Beyond that, I think writers should write. Not run around being empty metal drums that go “Bong!” when they crash into a tree.

So I wonder if any of those aforementioned (and how often do I get to use that word?) blog numbers are actually attainable.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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