‘The Limitations of the Human Mind’ (2013)

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Ah! Those “What have I done??” moments!

It shouldn’t even be necessary to mention the limitations of the human mind, in an age that has produced Obamacare and the assorted monstrosities of public education. Whatever else we may be, we ain’t that smart!


I’m still wondering about those freakin’ needles. How could they not be there, again and again, and suddenly they’re there?

Humility is a virtue, but our age views it as a defect.

Our age is profoundly stupid.

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14 responses to “‘The Limitations of the Human Mind’ (2013)

  • unknowable2

    That is a profound piece. We, as a species, are very clever, but we have profound limitations. Simple things, like the episode with the needles, happen all the time.

    We have, in computer terms, a lot of processing power, but the Input/Output queue can become cluttered and make us impervious to important information. Your chess example illustrates this perfectly. The example of the needles also illustrates this, because when one is overloaded, it’s quite possible to become lost among all the things you are taking in and fail to notice something that is right before your eyes. Unlike computers, our brains need some refractive period and will function poorly without it.

  • Phoebe

    Maybe the cats hid the needles in that fifth-dimension space where they usually hide themselves.

    • leeduigon

      There is another world, a parallel universe, full of mismatched socks, toy army men, and checks that never got there. Cats pass freely to and from this other world. But we can’t.

      • unknowable2

        Perhaps this sheds light on my theory of feline levitation. They aren’t so much flying as they are taking a shortcut through the parallel universe.

        I know that I spent half an hour searching for my cat once, and suddenly she was found, lying beside a chest of drawers, wondering what I was on about.

      • marlene

        Hey that’s not fair. I do it all the time and never saw a cat. i remember the times I made a judgement call, developed an opinion, or simply “reacted” to something (with the full force of my experience & enlightened knowledge). That’s where we’ll find the socks, toy army men & checks. Cats on the other hand, are smarter than we are under stress.

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Searching for misplaced items is a popular activity at my house. The most mysterious of all is when something small lands on the kitchen tile floor it disappears – never fails. I know the laws of physics are fixed but they sure play havoc with my highly educated rational mind. I see where N.J. has locked everybody down – if only they could do that to your minds, they would.

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