Bonus Hymn, ‘O Worship the King’

I’m pooped. The email problem that stymied us last week went away as mysteriously as it came, and I was able to send my weekly column to Newswithviews. And so, for the time being, here’s something better. Certainly more restful.

This is the first hymn I learned to play on my harmonica, back in the Bronze Age. I still love it. O Worship the King, sung during the NBA Big Sing at Durham Road Baptist Church, Gateshead. Background sets, plus charming little bird, by God the Father.

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  1. We used to sing this in my high school choral music class. Amazing, isn’t it, that all of us — Christians, Jews, atheists, buddhists, etc. — sang these religious songs without thinking that we were violating anyone’s rights or sensibilities? (Of course, when I say “we sang,” I mean what most of my class sang. I was in the “listeners” section, for those of us who couldn’t carry a tune. We were told to move our lips. I can still do a great lip-synch!)

    I’d like to request “Take My Hand, Precious Lord,” preferably by Jim Reeves. I found a clip with lyrics here:

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