By Request, ‘Take My Hand, Precious Lord’

Phoebe asked for this hymn–Take My Hand, Precious Lord, by Jim Reeves. She’s feeling a little under the weather today, so let’s remember to include her in our prayers.

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    1. I think what I really need is to go out more. I just got back from the grocery store a block and a half from where I live, and the walk in the open air seems to have perked me up a bit. I even managed to eat a fairly good lunch. But we’ll see how it goes. I still have chores to do this week. Tomorrow, for example, I have to go to the bank, the pet store for disposable litter boxes, and the supermarket for things my local grocery doesn’t carry.

      This is why I get so cranky when I hear all the blather about “elderly and vulnerable” people needing to be quarantined for their own good. Who do they think will do all our chores for us, shop for us, and cook for us? The elves? Or do the elves need to be quarantined, too? Anyway, they just show up at night when the banks and stores are closed. (Sorry. Cranky again.)

      What I miss the most in all of this is church. Being in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Being with the other early-morning prayer warriors who show up an hour or more before 7am Mass. (I open — I mean used to open — the church at 5am, the two sacristans come in at 5:30, and other people start drifting in at 6am or so.)

    2. So far our local downtown Indian newsstand carries a lot of the things we can’t get in the supermarket, these days.
      Years ago I had a friend who was in his 90s, and when his strength began to fail, a bunch of us did all we could to help him. My bit was to go to the supermarket for him. Other friends did his housework, mowed his lawn, etc. We knew from experience that he would have always done the same for us.

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