Dogs & TV: (complete this headline to make it cool-sounding)

Dog, watching TV, sees man kick soccer ball. Follows the flight of the ball, which disappears at the edge of the screen. Dog peeks behind the screen to see if that’s where the ball went.

A lot of dogs take television very seriously. That’s probably proof that they’ve spent too much time with humans.

6 comments on “Dogs & TV: (complete this headline to make it cool-sounding)

  1. That was entertaining. They sure get excited watching other dogs.

    One thing, however, concerned me, and that was the two videos of dogs barking at videos of themselves barking at a video on TV. Top physicists, and Joe Collidge can back me up on this, theorize that if you do this too many times it will spark an infinite recursive series and the dog and the person holding the camera will go back in time. If this should happen, there is a way back, but it involves doing the same sort of videos with cats. 🙂

    1. It was Herb Einstein, cousin of the more famous Einstein. He was almost always wrong, but he surfed the popularity of his more famous cousin with alacrity and cleaned up on the talk show circuit. 🙂

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