Sheriff Warns Residents, ‘Lock Your Cars’

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In Calaveras County, California, the sheriff has warned residents to make sure they lock the doors to their homes and cars–because, thanks to a court ruling and a new statewide, um, “policy,” he’s had to let 19 inmates out of the country jail (

These are “temporary emergency rules” (ya mean like the New Jersey sales tax was gonna be temporary, almost 60 years ago?), setting bail at $0–Well, then, it isn’t any bail at all, is it? I mean, that is what “zero” means: right?–for misdemeanors and “lower-level felonies” (like breaking into your car and stealing stuff). It doesn’t appear the sheriff has much of a say in the matter.

The cons are being sprung so they won’t catch coronavirus in jail.

I say they’re being sprung because liberals want to use those cells for normal people. I mean, these are the same Democrat fimbos who want to throw you into prison for not using some trannie weirdo’s favorite pronoun.

They’re supposed to come flocking back to jail once the coronavirus state of emergency is lifted. [Allow two full minutes for sardonic laughter.]

Don’t hold your breath.

8 comments on “Sheriff Warns Residents, ‘Lock Your Cars’

  1. “liberals want to use those cells for normal people” – by jove, I think you’e got it, mate. Yeah, we’ll see “flocking” – like the illegals “flock” when their hearing date is scheduled.

    1. Long before there was any coronavirus, Far Left Crazy wanted to empty the prisons–and fill them up again with normal people.

    2. Total insanity. Again this week LGBQ protesters harassed Samaritan Purse Hospital here as their nurses & doctors care for the sick. Outrageous.

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