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‘Are’ yiu Hungary For Sporets??

Image Of Old Used Baseball

Things thay “are” geting kindof harred hear At collidge becose we Are “Runing” Out “of” food!! i doughnt know whye,, thare jist Isnt no Foood combing in! it stoped groing Or sombthing!!

We aslo hasnt Got “no” sporets becose Of “the” Corny Vyris evvrything it “Is” alll shut Down. Whell!!! The Base Ball teem thay “are” “not” playing any Base Ball and so no boddy thay are Using the ballls and every boddy thay are saying “wee “Are” Hungary fore Base Ball we whant Base Ball!!!

Neckst thing We “knowed,” this hear Laydy Mrs. Skinnard she combed up “whith” Food!! She muts be “a” Jeaniuss!!!! Yiu know whatt she didded??? She maided Steuw out “of” themb Base Balls, she maided Base Ball Steuw!!! and she Evin has got “a” Slowgin,, “”Are Yiu Hungary fore Base Ball?? Trye Mrs. Skinnard’s Innards”!!” Becose it “is” The Innards of themb Base Balls that “Are” In “the” steuw fore yiu To eet!!!!!!! It is kindof Stringie becose thay are Lotts of String in a Base Ball butt iff yiu puts lotts “Of” Sault in it then It doughnt tayst So Bad!!!! She sayed she tryed to “use” “the” Base Ball Covers tooo but “thay” whir tooo Harred to choo and Swallow!!!!

Then wee tryed to ficks the Statchoo “of” Pressadint Obomma it broak wen we puled “it” daown that Was “a” Mis-Steak and then his Hed it fell offf and we coodnt Gloo “it” back so we maided a new Hed out “of” A “punkin” and that is probbly Wye “our Foood” it stoped groing!!!!! Wel, at leest nhow we “got” Mrs. Skinnard’s Innards we can eet!!!!

Drive-Through Citizenship?

Drive into the parking garage, roll down your window and take the oath, and drive out 30 minutes later as an official U.S. citizen–huh?


At first it sounds like yet another Democrat scheme to stock the voter rolls with persons of uncertain legitimacy; but it’s not as bad as it sounds.

The people receiving their citizenship in their cars are legal immigrants who have gone through all the usual steps of obtaining citizenship. The unusual ceremony–hardly any kind of ceremony at all–has been taken up by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service because they’re in a budget crunch, they’ve already furloughed lots of workers, and if they don’t get another $1.2 billion in emergency funding by Aug. 1, they’ll have to furlough thousands more. People who come here honestly, and who make a commitment to this country, deserve better: but it seems this is the best we can do for the time being.

It’s all that virus stuff, don’t you know. With the pestilence stalking the world, most countries, including ours, aren’t eager to throw open their doors even to lawful immigrants.

But of course Democrats want them coming here illegally, so they can protect them and give them free stuff and count on their eternal political support. They’ll keep the COVID-19 scare going forever, if they can. But that’s another issue.

It would be good to go back to the traditional citizenship ceremony that honors those who seek to become new citizens. Maybe someday, when globalism has been routed and there’s no more perpetual quarantine, we can go back to being America. It would be good to go back to being America. Not some socialist latrine.

How Much of This Do We Believe?

People Wearing Mask Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

I see the same employees at the supermarket every time I go, which is twice a week at least. They’re always there.

Now, we’ve been told the Wuhan Chicom Death Virus is a major pestilence that’s gonna wipe out hundreds of thousands of us, if not millions–yeah, let’s make it millions. And there are all these “spikes” in states that have made the mistake of letting people out of house arrest and allowing some of the economy to come back on line. We are never told just how sick these people in the “spike” are getting.

Anyway, if all this alarmist stuff were true… wouldn’t we all know people who’ve caught COVID-19 and died of it?

I’ve taken to asking my friends at the supermarket, “Do you know anyone who’s had COVID-19?” The answer is always no. Always.

I asked my wife, who reads the news intently, “Is it just me, or is there more and more skepticism about The Virus?”

Well, it’s not just me. There is now a lot of skepticism. I mean, if The Virus was everything “they” said it was, wouldn’t it be impossible to deny it? Would there be any room for skepticism? But people are now calling it “the Plan-demic” and depicting it as another insidious plot by globalists to take over the world and devour everybody’s freedom.

Is it not obvious that Democrats want this agony to go on for as long as possible–right up to Election Day, if they can swing it–so they can blame Trump and get weird demented corrupt Joe Biden elected president? How many times has this ploy worked–make a big fat mess and then blame it on the other guy?

One thing I know: Americans have shown an unexpected spinelessness, a whole new willingness to be controlled and cossetted. We are not the same sort of people who threw the tea into Boston harbor.

This is to our shame.

Do We Really Want to Send Them Back to School?

Why are our children so bored at school, cannot wait, get easily ...

Now they’re talking about sending the kids back to school, the Chinese Communist Death Virus scare coming to an end. But there’s a question that ought to be asked.

Should we? Do we really need them all to be in public schools?

Of course not. You’d have to be daft to think so.

I can’t think of anything I ever learned in school that my mother and father couldn’t have taught me at home. My father, with only a 1930s high school education himself, taught me arithmetic where the classroom professionals failed. All right, neither of my parents could have taught me chemistry; but I wasn’t able to learn it in school, either. Besides, back then it was the 1950s, homeschooling was virtually unheard-of, and whereas today we have an abundance of homeschooling resources at popular prices, back then… there was nothing.

At one point during my grade school career, school authorities had begun to think of me as a rather stupid little boy, slow on the uptake. This was because I couldn’t read what was written on the blackboard. I needed glasses! But I was only nine or ten years old and didn’t know I needed glasses. For all I knew, everything was supposed to look blurry.

Glasses acquired, end of problem. Not stupid, after all.

What has America’s education establishment done in the last 50 years, besides teach children to hate their country and disrespect their families? To say nothing of the overall Big Lesson of public schooling that has always been with us: Your age-group peers are the most important people in the world, and you win their approval by conforming to them.

And on top of all that, public school is boring! It is the gold standard for boredom. It is to boredom what Mozart was to music. Mind-numbing, stultifying boredom.

Are you absolutely, positively sure you want to send them back to that?

Our Collidge it Is going Banck-Rupped!!!

Who Pays For Corporate Taxes? – Marotta On Money

This it is jist Tearabble News!! Our Collidge it “is” Going Banck-Rupped!!!

It “looks” Like thare isnt no-One heer becose us Stoodints whoo “is” heer we “are” Hyding to maik “it” Look like no-boddy thay is heer!!! Al the Othirs thay gone Hoam becose “of” “the” Corny Vyris and nhow we has heered thay isnt “cumming” Back!!!! I over-hered a prefesser he sayed it “Is” becose thair famblies thay doughnt Whant “to” send themb Back becose thay think Collidge it is Turnning thair kidds into idjits!!!!! Well that “is” jist ezackly “waht” yood Expecked fromb ordrinary Dum peeple,, that Cant tel “the” Diffrints anymoar Betwean a Interllectural and a Idjit!!!!!!!!

“The” collidge Pressadint he sayed ether the collidge It whill Run Out “of” Munny and go Banck-Rupped becose of Very Lo Inrollmint oar Else “thay whill” has to Raze the Tooission to like A Hunderd Thousind Dolors A Yeer!!!!! And holy smoak it taikes yiu Five Yeers to “get” a Batchler Deegree “in” Nothing Studdies and Gender Studdies it taiks Eeven longer!!!!!

Wel whoo has “that” kyned “of” munny??? So nhow our Eddicasion it “is” At Steak!!!!!!!!!!

So we hadded a Merjintsy meting “of” “the” Stoodint Soviet and we voated that fromb Nhow On “we” whill be aloud “to” Pay whith Mannoply Munny!!!!  But eevin “that” it whill be harred becose i hasnt got no Mannoply Gaim. Luckally our Cheef Commassar she sayed she wood Give “me” somb if i wood Be “her” Slaive!!!! That sowndid like “A” goood deel to me!!! She sayed iff she Can “get” enuohgh Slaives she Can Starrt a Plan Tasion and we Can al live Thare!!!

Butt al this promble it “wil” Go Awaiy wen Jo Byden he is Electrad Pressadint becose thenn Alll Collidge Eddacasion it whill be Freee!!!!!!!!

My Newswithviews Column, June 11 (‘”Science” Disgraces Itself’)

See the source image

Never mind the social distancing! Let’s have a Mass Protest!

I hope you’ll all click the link to my Newswithviews column today–’cause we could actually witness the demise of science, as an avidly willing sacrifice on the altar of Far Left politics.

‘Science’ Disgraces Itself

(This computer, by the way, is giving me fits this morning. Do computers take LSD when we’re not looking?)

I think we have actually reached the point where a “scientist” will say anything, if it seems to be politically expedient. True or false, right or wrong, never enter into it.

Pagans, all of them.

Are Our ‘Health Officials’ Quite All There?

Napkins 33x33 cm - Happy Puppies by Wimmel Napkins

We’re gonna need the happy puppies for this one.

Let’s see… We’ve got this pandemic, so we can’t have a family picnic to celebrate Grandma’s birthday, we can’t go to church, our kids can’t go to school… Because our expert “health officials” have told us that all such gatherings are “non-essential” and we have to preserve “social distancing” or else COVID-19 will wipe us out…

But now they’re telling us it’s okay to get together for a riot?

Well, yeah: that’s what they’re telling us (https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/06/04/public-health-protests-301534). Only of course they won’t say “riot.” It’s all just “mass protest.”

A quote from just one of these wackos, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins, will serve for all:

“In this moment the public health risks of not protesting to demand an end to systemic racism greatly exceed the harms of the virus.” So if thousands of the demonstrators get sick–oh, well, it was worth it. Right?

“Systemic racism?” Yeah. That’s that thing they invented to take the place of real racism after it had mostly passed away. Because “systemic racism” is unconscious, it’s supposedly part of our makeup whether we like it or not, we’re all guilty and never mind a trial, and it’s largely vague and undefined anyway, “systemic racism” is tailor-made for the racial grievance industry, which does not want to lose its job.

These are the “science” wiz kids. We’re supposed to believe them, always, no matter what kind of daft crapola they unload on us.

“Science” is at risk of becoming nothing more than window-dressing for politics–if it hasn’t become that already.

Their “science” is mere politics, and these people have to be utterly defeated if our country is to survive.

Back to Work, at Last

I haven’t seen this animal in Obann yet–Doedecurus, a giant South American armadillo with a tail club. But I suspect it’s only a matter of time before one or more of them turns up.

Finally! I sat outside and wrote a scene in my new book–which has only just started, and only God knows where the story’s going to take me. Indeed, after I post this, I think I’ll go back and write some more.

Hot tip heard on the radio this morning:

Want to keep your face mask/badge of submission disinfected? Nothing could be easier. Just leave it in your car (I’ve hung mine from the rearview mirror) and let the intense heat that builds up in there kill the germs. Be sure to shut your windows.

And now, back to Obann City for Lord Chutt’s treason trial.

‘Why on Earth am I so Hopeful?’

SpaceX Rocket Launch Lights Up The California Sky, Freaks Out Some ...

I’m not that good at optimism, but I recognize the need to inject a note of it into the conversation. So I’m going to let Alicia Colon do it for me, in her essay for The American Thinker:


Ms. Colon is persuaded that “we will come back as a country stronger than ever,” with tighter family bonds and “excellent economic data” to come. “I remain optimistic that we are a better people since the coronavirus hit the globe.” This is not twaddle: some of our neighbors have done really nice things for us lately, and I hope we will always be ready to return the favor.

We do have the riots, just now; but the silver lining to this is that by now even some Democrats realize that this schiff has got to stop and those responsible for it have got to be put out of business. Is it possible that some degree of normalcy might return to the Democrat Party? What good news that would be! We could send our food-tasters home.

Finally, for Ms. Colon, the successful launch and rendezvous with the space station by the privately-financed rocket sent up by Elon Musk–this achievement, she said, brought tears to her eyes. At last, something to cheer about!

O Lord our God! Have pity on our country: lead us through the door of repentance and turn us back to you! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Trying to Catch Up!

atheist | Atheist Dave

If you follow this blog very closely, you may have been wondering, “Hey, where did Lee go? He posts a hymn and a best-of, and then disappears?”

Well, yeah! I had to confer with my doctor via telephone–they don’t want you in the office unless it’s really necessary; and I don’t want to pick up even a little COVID-19 Chicom Death Virus–and then I have to go into the stores for all our errands because Patty has COPD and can’t breathe if she wears a mask. Next thing you know, it’s 11:30.

It’s going to rain, I want to get a bit of my new book written before it does, I want to add another post or two, and I’ve got an article to write for Chalcedon… Oy, Rodney! How to catch up?

Meanwhile, everywhere you go around here there’s a sign on the door, you can’t go in unless you’ve got a face mask, BY ORDER OF the Police, due to GOVERNOR’S MANDATE… What the devil? “By Order of the Police”? Did we wake up in North Korea? And what are all these blanking “Mandates”?

Whatever happened to laws? You know–publicly debated, publicly voted on by our chosen representatives, signed by our elected executive. Do we just not do “laws” anymore?

I don’t think the word “mandate” is found anywhere in the Constitution.

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