Your Cat Will Love This Game

Look at that lovely slot car racing setup! My brother and I had one in our basement–hours and hours of fun.

But we didn’t have a cat. Cats take to slot car racing like chameleons take to bugs. (Was that a good analogy? Oh, stop trying to be literary!) You try to finish the course, the cat tries to prevent it.

This may prevent your cat from chasing and catching real cars with people in them.

7 comments on “Your Cat Will Love This Game

  1. Cats love chasing anything that moves. We had a little railroad set for our grandson, and his cat would not leave it alone.

  2. There’s a wonderful take on cats-and-trains at the Cat Pusic channel on YouTube:

    I don’t know which I enjoy watching more, the cats or the trains. I’ve always loved toy train, truck, and car sets. In the Cat Pusic video, we get not just a train setup, but a toy truck loading the the train cars.

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