Paws That Refreshes

These dogs and cats–how sweet they are to one another! My cats have always fought. And our rats, once the lights went out for bedtime–thump-thump-thump-Squeeeeeak! And then you turn the light back on and they’re pretending nothing happened.

But here, at least, wherever here is, we have a Peaceable Kingdom. I will show this video to my two cats and hope they get the message.

2 comments on “Paws That Refreshes

  1. That is really beautiful. Very sweet, very much what I believe our Father had in mind.

    It’s almost bedtime, here in the high desert. My little Siamese is watching me, wondering when I’m going to sack out for the night. Like most creatures, she likes to be near someone she trusts at night. God made us to both give and receive affection. It happens with tiny rodents, it happens with elephants and most steps in between.

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