‘What’s It Like to Write?’ (2016)

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It does seem like quite a long time since Jack climbed up the wall of the Palace (Book No. 6).

There aren’t many people who don’t think they could write a book, if only they had the time for it. But what’s it really like, to write a novel?

What’s It Like to Write?

I would just love to get going on Bell Mountain No. 14, whatever it turns out to be. But the weather hasn’t been playing ball, not at all, and anyway I haven’t yet received whatever the Lord is going to give me to get the story started.

What I don’t get is why there are so many starkly un-imaginative fantasies published. I mean, how many know-it-all elves and invincible female warriors can the reader stand?

And somehow Abbott and Costello Save the Universe never got written…

4 comments on “‘What’s It Like to Write?’ (2016)

  1. I like the Abbott and Costello idea: “Who’s on Jupiter,” maybe.

    I know what you mean about waiting for the impetus to write. I’ve written (and published) quite a bit of poetry in the past, but I haven’t written any in a number of years. If it doesn’t spring up in the mind, I can’t force it. Either it’s there or it isn’t.

    1. I have to wait for a dream, a cool-sounding title, an image, a scene… whatever. Oh, that dream I had that got “The Last Banquet” started! Medieval Icelandic teenage girl gets swept out to sea in her father’s boat, in a storm–and winds up here and now. I’ll never forget that one.

  2. Have you visited the rat underneath the front porch? 🙂 Lee, for you new book you might want to try contacting Eric Metaxas. He has a radio talk show that also airs on the TBN channel. Most of his guests have a book coming out, so you would be an attractive guest. If you succeed in interesting him, you will probably have to use Skype to do the interview 🙂 .

    1. Thanks for the tip, I’ll try it. I don’t have Skype, though. There’s already too much technology in my life.

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