Demanding Cats

Have you ever known a bashful cat?

When they want attention, they let you know. My cat Missy, when she decided I’d slept long enough, used to jump onto me and drop a pipe cleaner in my face, making it perfectly clear that she wanted to play fetch. So I’d throw the pipe cleaner, she’d chase it, and bring it back for another throw. I don’t know what she would’ve done if I’d failed to respond as desired. But I’m glad I never had the heart to disappoint her.

2 comments on “Demanding Cats

  1. Cats do the darndest things. They are so adorable, though, you have to put up with their antics.
    Oh, I just thought of a song suggestion because of all the rain we have had today. Finally, it has cleared up for a while.
    The song is: Its Beginning to Rain. I found the Jimmy Swaggart version,
    but if you find a different one you like better, OK.

  2. When a cat decides that it’s time for them to get attention, that’s all there is to it, they’re going to get their attention. Lady trying to turn the page on her book reminds me that I have come to the conclusion that much of what cats do, they do just to mess with us.

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