100 Countries Demand: Investigate WHO

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These are not our friends.

Yes, you read that headline right: health ministers in 100 countries are demanding “an independent probe” into the World Health Organization and its role in the coronavirus pandemic (https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/18/asia/china-world-health-assembly-investigation-intl-hnk/index.html).

Even Russia.

After Australia got the ball rolling, the European Union drafted a resolution calling for an investigation. The hottest topic in any investigation would be WHO’s relationship with Red China and to what degree China and WHO colluded to cover up the initial virus outbreak. The coverup, of course, deprived the world’s scientists of several weeks of time that should have been used to address the problem. The cost of that delay has been incalculable.

WHO’s annual meeting starts this coming Monday. Expect some sparks to fly.

To put the matter as simply as possible, China’s communist regime is a bad actor that has unleashed devastation on the whole world, that persecutes and oppresses its own people, crushes minorities, and for whom profound human rights violations are the order of the day. It has proved that it will ignore all standards of decency, all international law, and all the rules of commerce in its quest to become the world’s dominant power.

It has to be taken down. It has to be put out of business. The people of China have suffered enough, and deserve to be free.

Red China is a monster created and empowered by the greed and folly of the West. We nurtured it, we fed it, and it has turned on us.

Communism is an evil relic of the 20th century, and it’s time for it to go.


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  1. They can collapse their government without firing a shot. Simply sue for damages caused, which the CCG will ignore, then repudiate debt equivalent to the amount of the damages. They will crumple almost instantly.

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