They’re Not All Herod’s Men

NJ GYM Reopens: Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey reopens in ...

Bucking an order/mandate/diktat from New Jersey’s governor, the owners of The Atilis Gym in Bellmawr (“South Jersey’s premier fitness facility!”) decided to open for business today (

As a crowd gathered outside the gym to see what would happen, somebody called the police and a squad of officers arrived. And this is what its leader said:

“You’re in violation of the executive order–on that note, have a good day, everybody!”

And then they left.

The crowd cheered the officers.

And we need more of this.

The owners limited admission to the gym to 20% capacity, provided hand sanitizer, took everybody’s temperature coming in, ruled the showers off limits, and maintained social distancing guidelines. But they did re-open their business, and the cops didn’t bust them for it.

Let freedom ring.

6 comments on “They’re Not All Herod’s Men

  1. I wish more law enforcement people would to this. Unfortunately, though, in some places the dictator-governors and dictator-mayors then revoke the company owners’ licenses to operate and/or have their water and power shut off.

    What’s sickening is how many ordinary citizens go along with or even cheer on the dictators. Remember when we used to wonder how the dictators of the 20th century managed to get and keep their power over people?

    1. Law enforcement has on the whole been entirely too accommodating to tinpot tyrants, and they’d better stop it before they alienate everybody who’s not Far Left Crazy.

      Hats off to the Bellmawr P.D.!

  2. Past time for a little civil disobedience. Matt Walsh said it best. Wear a mask if you want if not then don’t. Stay indoors if you want, if not then don’t. And open your business if you want, and if not then don’t. It’s time to get back to talking responsibilities for ourselves and not relying on the government to be our nanny.

  3. My wife told me about this story and I rejoiced to hear it. I read an article recently on pandemics in history and how at first people are afraid, but eventually get tired of being afraid and go back to their lives.

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