‘Rule of Law’? What Law?

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Hey, can we give a Pulitzer Prize for hypocrisy? What? There already is one. Wait–how about a special trophy for towering, colossal hypocrisy? We could call it “the Obama.”

Former “president” *Batteries Not Included came out of hibernation a few days ago to spazz out about the Justice Department’s decision to drop the phony charges against Lt. General Michael Flynn: dropping the charges, sez he, puts “the rule of law at risk” (https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/496954-obama-blasts-dojs-decision-to-drop-flynn-case-rule-of-law-is-at-risk). And after all the trouble Obama’s hatchet men went to, to railroad the guy.

So let’s see: According to Mr. 57 States, dropping a manufactured phony case against an innocent man, cooked up by dirty cops trying to overturn a presidential election–that’s a move against the rule of law? Is he kidding?

This Worst President Ever personally got his hands dirty in this deal, he and his v.p., Joe Biden, were in it up to their eyeballs–and he’s got the chutzpah to pontificate about the rule of law? Wow! Breath-taking!

If we really, truly had a rule of law in this country, *Batteries Not Included would be in a heap of trouble.

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  1. It astounds me that people with so little to be proud of can display such hubris. IMHO, both Obama and Carter should be ashamed of their presidencies.

  2. I think obama meant “ruler” of laws, thinking he’s still in charge and believing he’s still wearing the crown of a monarch.

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