Tinpot Tyrants’ Addiction to Power

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker to extend stay at home order through ...

“All children under sixteen are now over sixteen…”

One by one, Democrat governors are losing lawsuits filed against their overzealous “lockdown” orders. Important reminder: “Lockdown” used to mean a tactic used by jailers to control their prisoners. They’ve lost every one of these court cases so far, but it hasn’t blunted their appetite for dictatorial rule.

So yesterday the Democrat governor of Illinois decreed an “emergency rule” that would make it a criminal offense (Class A misdemeanor) to disobey him by re-opening your business (https://illinoisfamily.org/politics/governor-pritzker-wants-to-criminalize-lock-down-opposition/). He also wants to extend his “emergency authority” to 150 days, up from 30.

He needs an emergency 48 hours in the pillory, or at least a public ducking.

Have you noticed that every single one of these Mussolini wannabes is a Democrat? That’s not an accident.

It would be nice to believe these governors are simply doing the best they can under very trying circumstances.

But that’s a thing I can’t believe.


11 comments on “Tinpot Tyrants’ Addiction to Power

  1. They are just doing the best they know how in order to put everyone under their fat little thumbs. How long before a full militia revolt action?

    1. I don’t think that will ever happen. I mean, what militia? There’s certainly none around here.
      What we need is for some of these high-profile creepy governors to be stripped of their power and publicly humiliated: and also sued and forced to pay damages. We need to set an example.

    2. A citizen militia did show up to prevent the Michigan governor from closing the barbershop that had reopened against her royal decree. I believe she retaliated by another decree revoking his license to operate a barbershop.

      And one of the West Coast dictators (it’s getting hard to tell them apart by now) ordered that disobedient subjects have their power and water shut off.

      I’m still trying to figure out how leaving someone without power and water contributes to anyone’s health. Even shuttered businesses need to be cleaned periodically in order to prevent vermin infestations and bacteria buildup.

    3. I was thinking of a regular militia, such as used to exist, with officers and drills, etc. Not an ad hoc group of sufficiently angry citizens. We are not yet there in meaningful numbers.

  2. The division between red states and blue states can’t be more stark. If you want authoritarianism vote blue, if you want freedom vote red.

    1. I love it when they gas about “the rule of law.” They don’t do laws anymore, just decrees. And that’s the way they like it.

  3. Everything they do and say is the same. They mimic each other. Are they even human? Obviously they’re tuned into constant instructions on carrying out an agenda they’re being paid to enforce. Family members who love each other aren’t as closely knit as democrats are to each other. This is not normal. I see secret meetings in dark, candle lit underground tunnels where rituals are performed, sacrifices are made, and democrats are forced to attend.

  4. Where is the little boy who finally calls out “The Emperor has no clothes!” I see where AG Bill Barr is forcing Gov of Calif Newsom to let the Christians go back to church.

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