‘What Other Country is Your Home State a Part Of?’ (2014)

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(Hmm… Hardly anybody here again today. Wish I knew why.)

It was six years ago that the then-governor of California, Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, called his state “the other Mexico” and invited everyone in Mexico to come on up and live there, plenty of welfare for all.

What Other Country is Your Home State a Part Of?

Now California’s current governor, Gavin Noisome, is pleading for the Red States to bail him out because otherwise California’s insane policy of encouraging illegal immigration is going to bankrupt the state.

Did anyone need a crystal ball to see that coming?

4 comments on “‘What Other Country is Your Home State a Part Of?’ (2014)

  1. So sad to see what has happened to California, the once beautiful and productive state.

  2. “Gavin Noisome” — I like that.

    What’s even more insidious is the way some states do make themselves second capitals of various rogue nations or groups. Some portions of my state have become another Somalia, and in my city we have a notorious mosque (not Somali) that’s produced quite a few jihadist terrorists.

  3. Arkansas can be called The Home of the Marshallese – we have over 12,000 from the Marshall Islands that live mostly in one city north of where I live. They like the Ozark Mountains for some reason. They don’t even need visas to come here because of the nuclear bombs we tested on their islands way back when.

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