Cats with a Ticket to Ride

Radio-controlled toy cars have been a boon to cats. Their feet can’t reach the pedals in a human car. This is why cats don’t drive.

I wish I’d had these for my cats when they were kittens.

3 comments on “Cats with a Ticket to Ride

  1. I find it somewhat surprising that a cat would voluntarily ride on something like that, but I’ve seen enough video proof to be certain that it’s not uncommon.

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve liked riding in cars. When I was quite young I loved to ride in my dad’s old Chrysler. Why? Is it the sensation of motion? Is it mobility, and the ability to see various sights?

    So how does a cat see an RC car? Most cats don’t like to ride in cars and can be quite plaintive about it, but they seem to hop on top of RC cars and hand on for the duration of the ride. I have no idea why.

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