Minneapolis to ‘Disband’ Police?

Minnesota activating 1,000 additional soldiers to contain ...

Well, the crazy bastards look like they’re really going to go ahead and do it: abolish their city’s police department and replace the officers with assorted “experts” (http://www.citypages.com/news/minneapolis-city-council-members-consider-disbanding-the-police/570993291). So the next time someone in Minneapolis runs amok with a machete… call a social worker.

Yes, the Minneapolis City Council, apparently oblivious to the riots tearing apart their city, has actually agreed to get to work on replacing armed police officers with unarmed “experts” and programs “that stop crimes from happening in the first place.” Oh, boy, programs! People commit crimes because they need more programs!

Honk if you’ve heard this before. Anyway, say the city councilors, “the Police Dept. is not reformable.”

They get on their Twitter pages posing in their stupid face masks. And none of them has entertained the question of when and under what circumstances would there be a rather urgent need for the use of force.

This is crazy-nitwit liberal ideology from way back. Libs have spent years calling for the abolition of police. In January of this year, Seattle Democrat politicians called for the abolition of police. In 2018 “Chelsea” Manning ran for the U.S. Senate on a platform of abolishing prisons and police. In 2014, in the New York City Thanksgiving Day parade, marchers carried signs calling for the abolition of police. So this is something that liberals have been dreaming about for years; and now, they think, it’s time for them to make it happen.

No one mentioned that bad cops are energetically defended and kept on the job by the public employees’ union representing the police. Getting rid of the union would solve a lot of problems: but don’t hold your breath waiting for anyone in Minneapolis even to suggest that.

All of these urban hell-holes are governed and fed upon by Democrats. In most of them there has been no meaningful Republican presence for years.

And now, having turned their cities into schiff, they want a crack at governing the country.

Any vote for any Democrat is a vote against America.

9 comments on “Minneapolis to ‘Disband’ Police?

  1. While their bodies occupy their various political offices, their “brains” are sitting in the theater of the absurd, waiting for a civil war movie to begin. They bought their ticket and they want their chaos.

  2. So when someone breaks into one of the council person’s home, who are they going to call? All this madness in the world caused by one policeman who put his knee on a black man which killed him. Wonder if the policeman would have been black? – it wouldn’t have even made the news. Now the Left has made George Floyd into a god to be worshiped and if you don’t you are culturally cancelled. Does anyone even know who George Floyd really is? Wasn’t he arrested for passing counterfeit money? Didn’t he have drugs in his system? This is scary stuff. Lord Jesus, please reveal your truth as never before – we are in great need of your mercy.

  3. This is going to be very interesting to watch. I’m taking no pleasure in what will happen, but I’m definitely interested. I’m predicting mayhem.

  4. Well if the voters are OK with it I say go for it. We can watch and see what happens. Only here’s the thing; top officials need to get rid of their security too and replace them with social workers.

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