‘Bio Prof Says You Must Be a Biggit If You Think There Are Only Two Sexes’

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Biggited stoopid chromosomes

When did the university turn into the place where you went to “learn” things that are flatly and undeniably untrue? When did the liberal arts turn into Nothing Studies?

Bio Prof Says You Must Be a Biggit If You Think There Are Only Two Sexes

Behold, the woman is a fool–and a tenured fool, at that.

But what I’d really like to know is why–if she isn’t just plain crazy–she insists there are a whole bunch of genders instead of only two. What does she get out of it? Then again, what is our whole Western civilization getting out of the transgender delusion?

And why do we keep on pouring money into colleges–when we should be shutting them down, not building them up.

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  1. To answer your question, “What does she get out of it?” — One of the things she gets is another publication on her vita when salary review time rolls around, plus a stake in a “new” area of research when all the old ones have been tapped out, plus funding from grants to explore and teach the new ideas and run seminars about them, plus working toward establishing the new area as a separate discipline over which she can become chair and then perhaps dean and/or provost, plus speaking engagements with big honoraria, plus….

    You get the idea. And aside from the fame and fortune, she gets to think of herself as smarter than everyone else. (“You shall be as gods.”) Trust me on this one. I, too, am an “expert” — about academics, that is, having been one myself and watched it go on all around me.

    But in my own defense, despite being an academic I never applied for any grants, even when I was urged to do so in order to further my career. I always said that I didn’t see why an ordinary working person (i.e., taxpayer whose taxes funded these grants) should have to dip into his pocket to support my hobbies or help me get a raise.

  2. A while back, a software company paid developers a small bonus for every software bug they found. Suddenly, developers were finding bugs at record pace. Why? Simply because the same people being paid to find the bugs were the people that created them in the first place. If I were a developer there, I could claim my every corrected mistake as a found bug and end up with a tidy bonus. I’m not a developer, per se, but I write scripts and queries, just like pretty much everyone else. If I collected $20 for every time I corrected one of my own mistakes I could easily add $100 per hour to my salary.

    So it is with these people, as Phoebe points out. I’m no math major, but I know for a certainty that publicity == money. (== is a programming symbol for absolutely equals.)

  3. I saw an article recently that said in 3-5 years the university system will be dismantled. Maybe this will be a result of the Wuhan Virus shutdown and how it exposed have overpriced college tuition really is.

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