Win a Chance to Play Poker with Lord Reesh!

Claude Rains - playing King Herod in "The Greatest Story Ever Told." | Claude  rains, Rains

If you’re one of I don’t know how many Bell Mountain readers who’ve wondered, “How would I do, playing poker with Lord Reesh?”, today’s your lucky day!

The reader who accounts for the 400th view tonight will win a chance to play poker against arch-villain Lord Reesh as soon as he can be brought back from the dead. Close watch will be kept on the old guy to make sure he doesn’t have you poisoned or make you disappear.

(Ooh, why didn’t I think of this sooner!)

8 comments on “Win a Chance to Play Poker with Lord Reesh!

  1. Careful, Lee. This sounds like a good way to KEEP people from checking in!!!! 🙂 🙂

    Although, come to think of it, you just elicited a response from me with it. Okay, you win. Now I know I’d never be able to play poker with Lord Reesh … or anyone except my recently-deceased cousin Jerry. When we were kids, we used to cheat in each other’s favor in card games and board games, because neither of us could bear to see the other one lose.

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